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Lost Relics is a gorgeous Action-Adventure Role Playing Game (AARPG) with blockchain backed items that you can truly own. Explore Talmuth and scour the dark underbelly while you embark on Quests in search of precious artifacts and save the townsfolk from terrifying beasts! Precious Artifacts you find are Enjin ERC-1155 Ethereum blockchain items which are tangible assets with real value, allowing you to trade, sell or own forever!

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Halloween 2020 full details!


Every year the town of Talmuth celebrates Halloween by carving pumpkins, dressing up in Outfits and devouring vast quantities of candy.

halloween merchant

As the days get closer to Halloween, more of the spirit world come out to haunt the townspeople.

During this time of year, it is more common for certain Lost Relics to be discovered.

The energies within the items seem to be channeled by the uprising of the spirit world.

halloween preview 2

Play from 15th October till 2nd November to participate.

halloween preview

Full details: Medium.com

Halloween 2020 in game event starts on the 15th October!

Halloween 2020 in game event starts on the 15th October!


Collect Spooky Coins and use them to purchase limited edition items at the Halloween Merchant! Keep an eye out for spooky items that drop on your adventures...

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