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Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom is an exploration based 2D RPG dungeon crawler game where you take the role of a mystical mushroom with the important mission of survive and help your mother fungi to proliferate into the virgin lands. Fight and conquer your way out of the kingdom. The kingdom has flourished with all kinds of fungi, making it hard to find food and have an easy living, lots of mushrooms are being born with the only mission of leaving this lands in search of a new horizon, but the kingdoms armies will make everything possible to stop them to get any further. Fall and rise again as you spread your spores further till your fungus is finally free! The main gameplay feature of the game is discovering new rooms which will challenge you or reward you in different ways, expect some classic ones with chests, combats, and resources, but also traps, NPC's, riddles, puzzles and quests that spread across different floors, just to name a few!

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Learn about the Biome generation in each different floor and how this affects gameplay.

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A big part of the game is intended to happen inside the kingdom’s land and since this is mainly a forest it is important to flesh out how it looks so it doesn’t become repetitive. For this purpose, we have added a biome system to each floor.

When the floor is created some areas are cover in specific biomes, for example, in the image above the right side is cover in yellow dots, this can represent heavy foliage, rocks or another kind of prop that will make this area look different than the one at the left.

Of course, having just one biome is no fun, so let’s look at an example with different ones:

Here we can see in action some biomes characteristics:

  • Biomes have main room from where they originated.
  • Biomes spread through doors, which mean, it can't spread if the room is not connected.
  • More than one biome can have an effect over a room if they intersect on it.
  • Biomes don't extend forever, each new room they spread to they become less dense.

This has some cool gameplay implications that make it not just a nice aesthetic thing. We are considering to have specific room types linked with specific biomes, for example, if a room has a chest then that room is the starting point of a grass biome and if you pay attention to how it spread through the floor you could follow it to its origin and find the chest. This could also help you avoid some rooms, like enemies or traps linked to a specific biome, giving you a guide on how is the overall design of the floor by looking at your surroundings.

All this is still being tuned and discussed, but we are sure it’s a good way to give visual aid on what may be coming in the next room, so you can be prepared.

What do you think? Can you find more uses for this biome system?

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