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Adventure. Sadness. Love.

Beyond Horizon is a 2D side-scroller game focusing on story and exploration both on land and within the stars. Explore dungeons, towns or fight space pirates with your ship, while uncovering the lore and the secrets behind the Sigma and the original race, all of this is just Beyond the horizon.

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Where aiming for a demo version of the game to come out around mid to end Q4 2018 with it releasing on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Story Info:

Beyond Horizon follow Aito after his grandfather suddenly has to leave, 3 years later with no return he tries to save up everything he has in-order to afford a spaceship to go after him.

While on a routine mission to find a missing cargo supply he comes across a stone that once touched absorbs into Aito giving him powers along with a map to 8 location. Unknowingly awakening an evil force to his location.

Now to save his town the only option is to flee, they attempt to lure the Sigma away with his friends in a stolen spaceship, now the only option is to run. Following the map to each location in the hopes to stop this Sigma killing the system.

You can learn more about the game over on the website: Bit.ly

Thank you:

Thank you for checking out the Beyond Horizon patreon and supporting our game, even if your unable to donate you can still help support the project by spreading awareness about the game on social media, with your friends, join the discord to help give feedback and more.

Game links:

Website: Bit.ly
Twitter: Twitter.com
Patreon: Patreon.com
Instagram: Instagram.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Discord: Discord.gg
Unity forum: Bit.ly
Affinity forum: Bit.ly
GameJolt: Gamejolt.com
indieDB: Indiedb.com

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Welcome back to the “Under the Horizon” Dev update 5

Some of you have asked us “Hey when is the demo coming out?” The demo version of Beyond Horizon will be available to be downloaded around the week of December 10th.Along with if your around the Perth, West Australia of that week there will also be the full demo playable at the SAE showcase. We also have a number of other gaming events around that time windows where the game will also be playable so keep an eye out on these blogs and our twitter/facebook and Instagram for updates on these events.

New Map:

On the topic of the demo version of the game, you might have seen a sneak peek at the last level within the demo on twitter. So let's take a deeper dive into the world of “Serpens Kentaurus” Above you can watch a video showcasing the new level off :O and below check out some images!!!!

You can also download these images as wallpapers over in the media section of the website. Click here to view them all.

“Serpens Kentaurus” a planet you find along your journey, it’s home to a small fishing town located on an island surrounded by the same, to this place won’t look clean and. beautiful for every something happens to the island of fisherman and it's all ready to late to help them…

Player / Combat Update:

In the last “Under the Horizon” Dev update we showed of the combat system within the game and from our community’s amazing feedback its help shapes the system a lot. So what's new?

  • Made enemy AI attacks slower to allow the player to dodge attacks better.
  • Change the rate the enemy AI fire rate
  • Made the enemy AI player detection better (since if you jumped or a raycast would not hit the player the AI could not see you making it hard for them to hit you)
  • Added the 3rd AI to the dungeon (screamer)
  • Allowed the player to shoot when walking backward
  • Chest is added + loot
  • Inventory/pickup system
  • Some small tweaks

Check out some of the UI added to the current build of the game!!!!

Main UI:

Inventory + weapons selection:

Settings UI:

New Characters:

With a new world to explore also means new characters to meet. So lets check some of them out!!!!

Fish shop owner:

Fish shop owners son:

Fishing town, towns people:

Pig boss:


Now its time for some more amazing music from Krystian Pawlowski, these time its the track you will come across while exploring the first dungeon within the game, check out the track below.
Track 1: Bit.lyTrack 2: Bit.ly

Thought out this week we will also be showing off more tracks for our Patreon members, and from $1 or more you can get access to these tracks and more: Patreon.com

Sound Effects:

A game is not complete within sound effects so over the past couple of months Jason our Sound designer (folio) has been recovering some of those sound effects for Beyond Horizon. Below you can hear a sample of those effects you will find within the game.

Spaceship flying: Bit.ly

Player gun (basic): Bit.ly

Game Progression:

What are the main changes since the last update?

  • World 3 (before) added
  • 3rd AI (Screamer) added to the game
  • AI 1 (runner) secondary attack added
  • Inventory system / UI
  • UI
  • Chest + loot system
  • Door + key system
  • Changes to AI to make combat easier + more fun
  • Changes to the character and camera

With the demo release around the corner (the week of December 10th) are we on track for this date? As of September 23, we are on track within all departments of the game to deliver the demo on time.
Art:With the last level currently in the works once this is complete (around a week or so) all art assets (level design, characters, and other items) all be complete.


:Character, AI, monsters, and object animation are currently about 50% complete (with the new level it had added some more animation’s to the task but looking to be on track)


Music is coming along well with about 5 tracks left to record (out of 18) and as you herd above and in the past its sounding amazing!!! We will also be releasing the demo soundtrack online with royalty free license attacked to allow other game devs, animation, and other formats to use the tracks in their own product.
Sound Design:Sound design has been delayed by 3 weeks tho where still on track for the game and over the next couple of updates you will be able to see even more folio effects both within the updates and in game.


As you saw in the new gameplay video a-lot of tweaking has been made to the player and combat system along with some new featured added to the game plus a new enemy AI type added and now Mr. Brick is currently working on secondary attacks for the AI along with polishing them up and then moving onto the Boss fight within the game.

You can keep up to date with the game progression over on our public notion board: Is.gd

Thats it for this “Under the Horizon” Dev update. Make sure to follow the game on twitter: Is.gd to keep up to date.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you all have a great day.


Don’t forget to join the Discord group to give feedback and share your own work as well: Discord.gg

You can also help support the development over on patreon from $1 or more:

Patreon.com If you support the project with $15 or more you could design an NPC, monster, boss or a WHOLE world within the game!!!! :O

Thank you for taking the time in reading this dev log!!! I hope you all have a great day.

Website: Bit.ly

Twitter: Twitter.com

Patreon: Patreon.com

Instagram: Instagram.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

Discord: Discord.gg

Unity forum: Bit.ly

Affinity forum: Bit.ly

GameJolt: Gamejolt.com

indieDB: Indiedb.com

Beyond Horizon - Update 5 Game Progression

Beyond Horizon - Update 5 Game Progression


Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update on how the game is going as we head closers to the demo lunch window for the game (Mid to early Q4...

Beyond Horizon - Update 4: Character animation!

Beyond Horizon - Update 4: Character animation!


New characters and animation is now in the works!!! Check out the early WIP's for them and give feedback <3

Beyond Horizon - Update 3: Space Station :O

Beyond Horizon - Update 3: Space Station :O


Back again with another update! This time I will be showing off the cave within the desert level. The cave is the first "dungeon" in the game. This area...

Beyond Horizon - Update 2: New level!

Beyond Horizon - Update 2: New level!


Another update for Beyond Horizon is here!!! Last time I showed off the outside of the ship the player will use to get from location to location within...


This looks like an adorable game, hope to see more of it in the future! <3

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andrewsalfingerdev Creator

Thank you ^-^

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