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"In 2057, a Terran astronaut came back from a mission on an alien spaceship. He could never prove that his story was true, but he had brought back a fragment from a Black Cube never seen before, and emitting strange radiations. The Terran space center (CSE) classified this discovery as top secret. After this event, several people were gathered by a government agency, and placed on a ship bound for Terra's neighboring planet, Mapk, and more specifically for its blue moon: Ytria. They were all working for the Lucium laboratory, and their researches were leaded by your sister, a brilliant scientist. A lot of money was invested in this project. However one year later, you have lost contact with her. It would seem that she and the others have never existed, so you decide to conduct your own investigation..."


  • Explore a moon in full 3D and high resolution graphics, made with Unity
  • Investigate about the researches of your sister, and discover the truth by gathering her diary
  • English voice acting for a better immersion
  • An original soundtrack by Python Blue
  • Discover the secrets of creation of the Blue Matter, a major evolution in the Terran technology
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Hi everyone!

Last night the release of Kitrinos has been accepted on IndieDb, so we're very happy to announce that you can now download and play our new game for free! This project created in 15 days during Adventure Jam 2018 with Yazorius is not just a small incomplete game or a demo: it's a real project which will keep you busy for 1 or 2 hours minimum!

I did all the graphics (environment backgrounds, screenplay and movies) during the two weeks of the Game Jam. It then took Yazorius a month to implement the rest of the game, programming an engine which is -from his own words- highly inspired by Zork (he’s a big fan), and including some puzzles to challenge the adventurers’ neurons. Entirely available in both French and English, this game is above all the fruit of an all new collaboration for us.

Kitrinos, in brief, is:

  • 1 month of development
  • 2 devs involved
  • 6 puzzles
  • 9 diary pages
  • 3 visually distinct regions
  • 5 original musics
  • 14 cutscenes
  • 600 MB of cerebral happiness
  • And at least 1 ~ 2 hours of game play

“1961. The hero is Professor Dimarx, an archaeologist who thinks he made the discovery of the century on his planet, Terra, on the forbidden continent of Meridia. For posterity, he is followed by his long-time partner and friend, Gramuel Solus, who is in charge of filming this great event. On arriving at the ruins, they discover a chasm with stairs carved into the rock. Here and there, strange black crystals seem to indicate ancient volcanic activity. Dimarx is exalted by his discovery, and descends into the depths of the earth without precautions. He is as if called by an unknown force, and will discover the first Black Cube in the modern history of Terra. His mind is then like ‘absorbed’ inside…”

Kitrinos: Inside the Cube takes place in a retro geometrical world that can remind of old scifi movies and polygonal games. The gameplay is frame by frame in prerendered 3D backgrounds with 360° panoramic views in HD and short animation cutscenes. The game was developed with the Clickteam Fusion engine. As usual it is recommended to play with a pen and paper to take notes and solve the puzzles.

For more details (Trailer, OST in streaming, walkthrough and Making Of video), please visit the game homepage on the Black Cube series website:

Feel free to comment, share and make discover this game around you!

Download Kitrinos now:


Quick Update

Quick Update


This is a brief update on the state of development and the changes we're making in the game to improve the experience.

Status Update

Status Update


After a long summer break is time to continue with the work, but I have some important changes in mind for the development…

Project Status (I)

Project Status (I)


I just want to share the current project status. As you know this game is being developed by a single person, therefore the progress is slow but constant...

Kel Leda demo released (Adventure Jam 2017)

Kel Leda demo released (Adventure Jam 2017)


Kel Leda is my submission for Adventure Jam 2017 on Game Jolt. It was created in less than 15 days according to the rules.

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Kitrinos full version 1.0.0

Kitrinos full version 1.0.0

Full Version

Kitrinos is a free complete game for the fans of puzzles and point and click / Myst-like adventures. It's a first-person #scifi game set in the world...

Kel Leda - Adventure Jam edition

Kel Leda - Adventure Jam edition


This is my submission for Adventure Jam 2017 on Game Jolt. It was created in less than 15 days according to the rules. If you want the project to be continued...

Simon_ASA Creator

I can't wait to play it! The graphics look great :)

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