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What is Augury?

Augury is a medieval fantasy open-world RTS game. Gather resources, build your settlement, and defeat mighty enemies to uncover the dark secrets of these mysterious lands.

Build your settlement and survive

Collect various resources and use them to build, upgrade, and expand your settlement. Several different structures are available, each with its own specific purpose.

Send your settlers on expeditions into the unknown

Explore the massive forests of the surface, or have your settlers venture underground in search of rare resources and items. Just be careful not to let them venture too far from your settlement, or they may not come back. The world of Augury, while seemingly docile, is dark and dangerous.

Craft items to better equip your settlers

Every unit in Augury is unique. Each with its own name, set of items, and skills. Craft new weapons and armor at the blacksmith, or create new spells and potions at the sorcerer's workshop. Use these more powerful items to delve deeper, harvest more powerful resources, and defeat stronger enemies.

Key Features

  • Build a large sprawling settlement with each structure being upgradable from level 1 to level 5. Each level unlocks new uses.
  • Explore a vast procedurally generated world with unique biomes, each containing their special resources and enemies.
  • Defeat powerful bosses and enemies to obtain new items for crafting and building.
  • Each unit functions as an RPG character with its own skills and inventories
  • Uncover dark secrets through non-linear cryptic quests
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What is Augury?

Augury is a medieval real-time strategy game set in a 2D, procedurally generated world. It incorporates many RPG elements to create a unique blend of both genres. In Augury, the player is tasked with creating a settlement in a foreign, unknown land with only the cryptic messages from a seemingly celestial being as their guide.

Coming apon an ancient grave

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