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Archtower is an action/rpg roguelite.


There is a great Tower in the world of the game. It is always been there. Primitive community of people, organized in family clans, are trying to get into it. You are playing for one of those families. Who knows what will next offspring of your clan find there, a fame, some treasures, or just a painful death.


Every time you die you pick a new character from roster with randomly choosen classes. Here are 4 starter classes (2 more are unlockable, and more will come):

Uses swords mostly, fast and strong. Has devastative attacks. If you need better defence he can wear shields. Resource - Power, replenishes when you defeat your enemies.

Passive - 5% faster attack speed.
Charge - fast movement forward, can be used to run away, ethier can be paired with a sword attack for offence, that will cost you PP (Power Points).
Swifty Strikes - experienced Fighters can use this move to unleash multi hit combo for burst damage on heads of their enemies.

Dexterious one, can be trained to master range weapons, or be more agressive in close combat. Resource - Stamina, replenishes fast, but limited pool size.
Passive - 5% more accuracy.
Throwing Rock - fast and powerful ranged attack, it can headshot humanoids with increased damage, even player itself, be careful, but if you won't hit humanoid in the head, it will deal little damage if not upgraged.
Act of Survival - experienced Vagabonds know how to survive under pressure, letting you ignore weapon damage for short period, use this to buy you some time to escape or outdamage your opponents.

Some scholars want to engage in combat as much as fighters do, you can train them to be more defensive melting your enemies with burnings or just to be litteraly an explosive ones. Resource - Energy, replenishes slowly in battle, and x6 outside of combat.
Passive - 5% more energy damage.
Flaming Vial - ranged damage over time attack, enemies burn for a few ticks, can be upraded to an explosive charge.
Fireball - strong slow-moving single-target projectile skill for experienced Firestarters to bring havoc upon your enemies.

Cunning one, master of poisons and toxins, most of his enemies will regret it over time. Resource - Stamina, replenishes fast, but limited pool size.
Passive - 15% poison resistance, reduces duration for Poisons and Toxins that affect a player.
Poison Vial - ranged damage over time attack, enemies slowly loss a lot of their health points.
Toxin Vial - ranged debilitating attack for experienced Poisoners, will inflict low damage over time and will make your enemies weaker.



WASD + mouse - movement;
Space - jump;
LMB - primary weapon attack;
RMB - extraslot action;
Q - class skill 1;
R - class skill 2;
Shift - crystal slot skill;
E - interact/pick up;
C - weapon swap;
I - open inventory;
F - heal potion;
Z - drink resource potion (if talanted);
Tab - switch first/third-person mode;
M - minimap;
Alt - walk slowly;


LMB - drag items;
RMB - use/equip;
Shift - compare equip with worn items, see second weapon stats;
Shift+RMB - equip to extra slot;
Z - drop from inventary;
Shift+Z - drop one item;


RMB - buy/sell;
Shift+RMB - buy/sell one item;


PageUp - turn on/off FPS count;
Shift + Num+ - increase scale;
Shift + Num- - decrease scale;
Scrolling - change size of minimap (if showed);
Cntrl+Scrolling - change transparacy of minimap;


Cntrl+Alt+F1 - turn on/off low-rez fix, use it if you turned low-rez settings on and GUI draws incorrectly (off screen, either too small in left upper corner);
Cntrl+Alt+F2 - turn on/off fast fps fix, use it if game runs with double speed to reduce it to half speed, v-sync must be turned on to have any effect.

Xbox 360 controller is supported (mostly)


144Hz monitors may run game with dramatically increased speed, when it happens you can try turning on/off v-sync in options, or going into windowed fullscreen mode by pressing alt+enter, and altTabbing could work sometime too; also you can try to use fastfps fix - see Controls (Fixes).

Some machines may have problems when using low-rez mode, so you can set low-rez fix on/off - see Controls (Fixes).

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Archtower v0.3.2



Traits & Weapons Edition Patch v0.3.2 is released!

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Download Link

Patchnotes v0.3.2:

• 1st level armor, for better defence of level 1 characters
• weak gear drops from barrels
• added settings option to turn music off
• new characters may get up to 2 traits for their further differentiation
• appropriate equip slots are highlighted when you drag an item with mouse
• some new tower upgrades
• message alert on hud for leveling up you character or clan
• added settings option for minimalistic hud
• first tier perks for new skills added with last patch
• clan upgrades, micro bonuses for levelling your clan
• new save system, OLD SAVES WILL BE DELETED!
• new quest Compensation is available for those who lost old save files during game upgrade (you will get some gold, crystals, exp, clan fame, and instant access for 3rd floor), talk with advisor npc in camp
• if you hover mouse over equip slot, you will see pop-up hint of what this slot uses for
• new weapon: slings, axes and maces (maces unlock with vandal class)
• new item prefixes (exp, skill damage, physical damage, energy damage, poison damage, body damage, dot damage), most of theese will appear later on higher lvl gear, but you still can get those bonuses with clan upgrades
• NPC's will wave you a hand, if it has available quests for you
• you will see quest reward list in dialog after completing your quest

• exp gaining from enemy slaying on normal mode (Story) changed from 80% to 90%
• batbirds squick when alerted on hard mode (Ballad) too
• more loot drops for 1st floors
• all gear from boss chests are always good quality (green) for all difficulties
• more useful equip drop from chests and barrels, it depends on your class archetype and masteries
• new players start game with 84 gold, instead of 0
• prefixes little rework for better control over already existing gear
• more useful prefixes on good gear, it depends on your class archetype
• flames on level 'Floor 1-3' are much easier, especially for normal mode
• little changes for spikes damage formula, more depends on your level, less on your max hp
• a bit faster batbirds for intro level, a bit slower for hard mode
• rework for tower upgrades window
• class passive perks for skill usage resource potions now require tower upgrade 'Potions'
• sticks changed from STR-based to STR/DEX weapons (use max value of STR or DEX for damage calculations)
• some changes for trees allocations in intro and camp for more natural look, also added bushes and grass
• health threshold to use bandages changed from 33% to 25% (when you hear heartbeat), but now bandages can heal you over that threshold
• changed TP (trick points) cost for 'Multi Strike' skill from 2 to 1 (for DEX-based archetype)
• items now drop for normal mode as frequent as for hard one, but quality of items will be a bit worse for normal
• cost of spellbooks for new skills changed from 3 crystals to 2
• more noticeable 'new perks available' message
• shields available from the start, don't need to unlock them with first boss
• bows now require bows mastery to use them
• 'Vandal' class no longer has swords mastery, but now he has axes and maces masteries
• 'Fighter' class now has axes and bows masteries
• 'Archer' class now has bows mastery
• working on quest now you will see progress numbers of its tasks (w.i.p.)
• nerfed damage of energy explosion upgrade of 'Flame Vial' skill
• prefixes for physical and energy resists will appear on later higher leveled gear for better usefulness of those
• boss now moves slower and less frequently
• enemies move slower during casting of skills

• bug is fixed, game didn't appear on taskbar
• bug is fixed, some objects could break some window sizes for a second, changing fonts inappropriately
• went from interpretator to complilator, higher performance, new unknown bugs are expected
• 'Fire Wave' skill won't spawn flames under yourself putting fire on you if you are going forward, but you still can got burns from it, if it stops near wall and you touch it
• bug is fixed, weight calculations in intro could be broken if main saved character had too many items in its bag
• new code optimisations for better work
• bug is fixed, if you used medicine pot during bandaging healing could drop to threshold amount, wasting your heal pot
• bug is fixed, sometimes 'Charge' skill had wrong cooldown value
• bug is fixed, description of 'Crystallography' perk said it improves damage of crystal skills, but didn't do it for actual damage calculations
• other minor fixes






Trailer v0.3.0

You also can support me on my Patreon page




Archtower v0.2.0 is on the indiedb.com now! Check this out.

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Archtower v.0.3.2

Archtower v.0.3.2


Archtower is an action/rpg roguelite. Your family clan is conquering mysterious ancient tower. Inventory system, quests, inspect multiple classes, level...

Archtower v0.2.0

Archtower v0.2.0


Archtower is an action/rpg roguelite, most of rpg elements are gonna be added later in development.

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