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AIFOS is a unique blend of RPG, Galaga style Shoot'em up, adventure and puzzle elements. You must investigate the return of a Insects-like Space Aliens race, while doing space ship combat missions. You can influence NPCs with an original system of character points (Energy, Moral and Charisma). You have the hability to hack almost anything with a CPU. Every elements of the background is interactive, just like an adventure game. The character can level up, can go buy dozens of weapons and items in shops, go to theaters, bars, library and upgrade his house. The space ship combats are simple but deep enough, with 3 class of weapons, 3 types (elements), multiples enemies and boss. There is an intriguing story casting interesting protagonists and enemies.

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Demo overview


The demo is going well... I've encountered some bugs and trying to add small but important details... here's an overview!


You start in your apartment... try to check everything!!


Go through the subway strait to your job appointment...


Welcome to the Avitharo tower!! The best spaceship manufacturer! Please check in...


Inside the office, you'll first meet Sara, your future boss...


It's time to do the flight test with Sara... She'll explain all the basics to you!


Your now in the Artemis! Sara has hired you and it's here that you'll meet all the crew members! It's now time to gather the Data points needed to unlock the fist mission!


Remember to try to hack every electronic devices... but you'll need to eat something first!


You can eat fast food for energy... or go in the coffee shop or the convenience store if you want!


This device has a firewall... so you must enter the hacking mode!! Hack this one for some Data points!


When you'll have enough Data point you can play the Mission 1 stage... Try to gain all 3 badges!!!

That was an overview of the demo I make right now. I need to find some funding to work full time on this project. Thanks you for supporting me!

facebook: Facebook.com

Twitter: @NiceHit2

Instagram: Nicehitstudio

web: Nicehit.ca

AIFOS: Dialogue and Cutscenes integration

AIFOS: Dialogue and Cutscenes integration


Integrating a pause/transition system for cutscenes and story flow in the Shoot'em up mode.

Characters Presentation

Characters Presentation


Here we show you some of the lovely main characters, and tell you what's their role in the game.

AIFOS: The Different Shops and what they Sell !

AIFOS: The Different Shops and what they Sell !


In the RPG mode of our Game AIFOS, there are many different kinds of Stores, Shops, and Business that offers plenty of various services and products...

AIFOS: Exploring the Secondary "Weapons"

AIFOS: Exploring the Secondary "Weapons"


A look at another feature of the Space Ship Mode: The Secondary "Weapons"... Well, they're not all weapons, some are more abilities but they still help...

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