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A World Among Stars is a 4X-RTS Procedurally Generated game. Each time a user plays the game, the environment and the user's goals will be completely different. Dependent on the Empire chosen or created, the user may venture out into the unknown, become a master at manipulating the Galactic Market, or become a domineering force in the race for Imperial supremacy. Check the upcoming Developer Diaries at www.fleenyworksllc.com for more information.

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Dev Blog 1


Hello, IndieDB!

We've been around IndieDB and GameDev forums on Reddit since our company's inception.We've finally reached the point where we are able to share our upcoming venture. A World Among Stars is a 4X-RTS game set in Space. It's been in development for around 10 months. Its' design was modeled after the Civilization Series and Homeworld 2. While it takes ideas from both games, it is in an entirely different genre of games.

The main concept of A World Among Stars is to take the classic 4X components and mold them to an RTS where the Empire-building aspects of 4X don't overshadow the action-oriented RTS. In this respect, we have and are adding unique components to the game for different play styles and to increase the replayability factor.

A few of our uncommon and/or unique aspects include:

3-Dimensional Combat and Navigation

A Focus on AI Assistance (optional) and Single-Player AI

Empire and Governance Characteristics and Abilities

We are going to put out a dev diary every week!

If you want some more current updates, follow us at these locations:




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