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Fleenyworks is a Publisher and Developer located in North Carolina. Currently, we are working on our first game, A World Among Stars.

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A World Among Stars

A World Among Stars


A World Among Stars is a 4X-RTS Procedurally Generated game. Each time a user plays the game, the environment and the user's goals will be completely...

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Latest posts from @fleenyworks

3D Path-finding Toolkit for Aerial Vehicles/Constructs! #unity3d #indiedev T.co

Sep 21 2017

Been a long time, lots of work done. UI System nearly in place ! #screenshotsaturday #unity3d T.co

Aug 12 2017

waiting on the game to play, amazing the amount of work it takes! T.co

May 31 2017

The Cassian Race! #rts #indiedev #gamedev #3dsMax #unity3d T.co

Mar 8 2017

An in progress model for the Human Race! AWAS is getting close to demo-ready (2-3 more months now) #IndiedevT.co

Jan 20 2017

With a new year brings great new updates to A World Among Stars. Stay connected and subscribe. Fleenyworksllc.com #AWAS #Indiedev

Jan 3 2017

VR Mode is coming along nicely :) #indiedev #VirtualReality #gamedev #AWAS T.co

Jan 1 2017

Build your empire and conquer the galaxy in A World Among Stars #AWAS #indiedev

Dec 28 2016

Creating alliances in A World Among Stars can be the crucial difference between your empire rising up or crumbling to waste. #AWAS #indiedev

Dec 21 2016

Have fun and stay safe this holiday season.#Fleenyworks #HappyHolidays

Dec 20 2016