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The game is a full-scale 4x space strategy, with focus on space ships and space battles. There is interesting economical part, well developed politics, unique science system, etc, but I spend the most of my time working on tactical combat and ship design and I hope I managed to build a well-balanced system when there is no “ultimate ship”. You start the game by selecting the shape of the galaxy, number of stars (it can be a couple of dozens or many hundreds), your race, winning conditions, etc. In the beginning you have one colonised world (your homeworld) and possibly some small fleet of spacecrafts. Then you build ships to explore the galaxy, colonise new worlds, and, certainly, defend your growing empire from enemies. You research new technologies, contact alien races, trade, make alliances or break them, design new ships and throw your fleets to invade territories.

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These is the main list of new features.

-More of 240 different space units, all them with detailed graphics created with a similar 360º movie as in the original game. They were recorded with the models from my Star Wars Forces of Corruption mod Alliance where all the textures were made by Nawrocki and by this reason, there are not units looking different, all them use the same style. You can see a list of units here.

Galactic Empire:

  • Imperial TIE Fighter
  • Imperial TIE Bomber
  • Imperial TIE Interceptor
  • Imperial TIE Avenger
  • Imperial Gunboat
  • Imperial TIE Defender
  • Imperial Missile Gunboat
  • Imperial A9
  • Imperial TIE Hunter
  • Imperial SHADOW DROID
  • Imperial Corellian Corvette Mod
  • Imperial Bayonet
  • Imperial Carrack
  • Imperial Carrier
  • Imperial Dreadnought
  • Imperial Acclamator Star Frigate
  • Imperial VSD MKI
  • Imperial ISD MKI
  • Imperial Lancer Frigate
  • Imperial Strike Cruiser
  • Imperial Inmovilizer
  • Imperial Gladiator
  • Imperial ISD Dominator
  • Imperial SSD MKI
  • Imperial Death Star
  • Imperial Attack Carrier
  • Imperial Eidolon
  • Imperial Harrow SD
  • Imperial SSD Venganza
  • Imperial Allegiance
  • Imperial Titan
  • Imperial Tyrant
  • Imperial Implacable Gris
  • Imperial Eclipse MKI
  • Imperial Golan III
  • Imperial Star Base 5
  • Imperial Mini Death Star
  • Imperial Star Galeon
  • T4 Lambda Shuttle

Rebel Alliance:

  • Rebel Z95
  • Rebel X-Wing
  • Rebel A-Wing
  • Rebel Y-Wing
  • Rebel E-Wing
  • Rebel B-Wing
  • Rebel K-Wing
  • Rebel Assault Fighter
  • Rebel Corellian Corvette
  • Rebel Corellian Gunship
  • Rebel Quasar
  • Rebel Bulk Cruiser
  • Rebel Nebulon B
  • Rebel MC40
  • Rebel MC80B
  • Rebel MC80A
  • Rebel MC80
  • Rebel Dauntless
  • Rebel Heavy Gunship
  • Rebel Assault Frigate
  • Rebel Liberator
  • Rebel CC9600
  • Rebel CC7700
  • Rebel MC120
  • Rebel Bulkwark MKII
  • Rebel MC60
  • Rebel MC75
  • Rebel MC80C
  • Rebel MC90
  • Rebel MC90B
  • Rebel MC108
  • Rebel MC112
  • Rebel MC104
  • Rebel Golan II
  • Rebel Starbase 5
  • Rebel Gallofree Transport
  • Rebel Shuttle
  • Rebel Luke X-Wing
  • Rebel Millenium Falcon
  • Rebel Dodonna Assault Frigate

Black Sun:

  • Black Sun Fighter Light Fighter
  • Black Sun Pirate Fighter
  • Black Sun Virago
  • Black Sun Fighter Medium
  • Black Sun Fighter Medium Bomber
  • Black Sun Crusader Gunship
  • Black Sun Rand Ecliptic
  • Black Sun Vengeance Frigate
  • Black Sun Faragut
  • Black Sun Krayt Destroyer
  • Black Sun Kedalbe MKI
  • Black Sun VSD
  • Black Sun Kedalbe MKII
  • Black Sun ISD
  • Black Sun Kedalbe MKIII
  • Black Sun Megator SSD
  • Black Sun Golan I
  • Black Sun Star Base 5
  • Black Sun Vehicle Transport
  • Black Sun Guri Stinger
  • Black Sun Bossk Houndstooh
  • Black Sun IG-88 IG2000
  • Black Sun Tyber Zhan Peacebringer

Galactic Republic:

  • Republic V-19 Torrent
  • Republic Naboo Fighter
  • Republic V-Wing
  • Republic Y-Wing Proto
  • Republic ARC-170
  • Republic Corellian Light Cruiser
  • Republic Corellian Medium Cruiser
  • Republic Victor II Frigate
  • Republic Trireme Frigate
  • Republic Acclamator Cruiser
  • Republic Longhorn
  • Republic Procurator
  • Republic Venator Cruiser
  • Republic Valiant Cruiser
  • Republic Protector Cruiser
  • Republic Legacy Destroyer
  • Republic Mandator MKI
  • Republic Missile Station
  • Republic Starbase 5
  • Republic CR20
  • Republic Pelta Frigate
  • Republic Anakin Delta 7
  • Republic Obiwan Delta 7
  • Republic Naboo Cruiser
  • Republic Victory VSD


  • CIS Vulture
  • CIS Tridroid
  • CIS DroidBomber
  • CIS Marauder Corvette
  • CIS Missile Frigate
  • CIS Diamond Frigate
  • CIS Munificent
  • CIS Recusant Frigate
  • CIS Providence
  • CIS Carrier
  • CIS Techno Destroyer
  • CIS LucrehulkC
  • CIS LucrehulkB
  • CIS Pinance
  • CIS_Malevolence
  • CIS Missile Station
  • CIS Starbase 5
  • CIS CC Transport
  • CIS Dooku Shuttle
  • CIS Invencible
  • CIS Aurra Sing
  • CIS Cad Bane
  • CIS Ventress Givinex

Krayt Empire:

  • TIE Predator
  • TIE Neutralizer
  • Annihilator
  • Krayt Fury Fighter
  • Krayt Assasin Corvette
  • Krayt Acclamator MK3
  • Krayt Ardent Frigate
  • Krayt Ardent Frigate Interdictor
  • Krayt Pellaeon SD
  • Krayt Imperious SD
  • Krayt Dragon
  • Krayt Golan V
  • Krayt Starbase 5
  • Krayt Nune Shuttle

Fel Empire/Galactic Alliance:

  • TIE Predator
  • GA Crossfire
  • Fel TIE Neutralizer
  • Galactic Alliance X38
  • Fel Sigma Shuttle
  • Fel Assasin Corvette
  • Fel Acclamator MK3
  • GA Sabertooth Frigate
  • GA Sha Shore Frigate
  • Fel Ardent Frigate
  • Fel Ardent Interdictor
  • GA Scythe
  • GA Vekker Interdictor
  • Fel Pellaeon SD
  • GA TriScythe
  • Fel Imperious SD
  • Fel Nemesis
  • Fel Golan VI
  • Fel/GA Starbase 5
  • Fel Nune Shuttle
  • GA X38 Jedi
  • TIE Predator Imperial Knights
  • Cade Skywalker Mynock
  • Morrigan Raider Gladious Class
  • GA Imperious SD Alliance
  • Fel PellaeonSD SD General Jaeger

Hutt Cartel:

  • Hutts Light Fighter
  • Hutts Medium Fighter
  • Hutts Medium Fighter Bomber
  • Hutts Heavy Fighter
  • Hutts Corvette
  • Hutts Nave
  • Hutts Balrus
  • Hutts Jehavey
  • Hutts Jabba Cruiser
  • Hutts Kyramud
  • Hutts Bloodstar
  • Hutts Cruiser I
  • Hutts Mandalorian Cruiser I
  • Hutts Heavy Cruiser
  • Hutts Battleship I
  • Hutts Battleship II
  • Hutts Dark Saber
  • Hutts Asteroid Base
  • Hutts Starbase
  • Hutts Xiytiartransport

Corporate Sector:

  • Corporate IRD Fighter
  • Corporate Z95
  • Corporate T-Wing
  • Corporate Cloakshape
  • Corporate R41
  • Corporate Toskan Fighter
  • Corporate Skypray Blastboat
  • Corporate CR Patrol Ship
  • Corporate CR Lt Gunship
  • Corporate Marauder Corvette
  • Corporate Thranta Frigate
  • Corporate Corellian Light Frigate
  • Corporate Corellian Medium Frigate
  • Corporate Bulk Cruiser
  • Corporate Corellian Frigate1
  • Corporate Corellian Frigate2
  • Corporate Corellian Destroyer MKI
  • Corporate KDY Frigate
  • Corporate New Corellian Destroyer
  • Corporate Goliath Carrier
  • Corporate Bulkwark MKI
  • Corporate XQ3
  • Corporate Star Base 5
  • Corporate Cargo Ferry


  • Hapan Dragon
  • Hapan Battledragon
  • Hapan VSD
  • Hapan ISD
  • Hapan Nova Cruiser
  • Hapan Dragon

Heroes. You can find heroes from your faction when you conquer temperate planets. Some times, you can capture and to use enemy heroes when you conquer enemy planets. Each heroe has unique abilities. You can know about the abilities in the heroes description. Some of them have special space units.

Galactic Empire:

  • Emperor Palpatine
  • Darth Vader
  • General Veers
  • Moff Jerjerrod
  • General Klev
  • Admiral Griff
  • Captain Piett
  • Commander Orlok

Rebel Alliance:

  • Mon Mothma
  • General Jan Dodonna
  • Admiral Ackbar
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Han Solo, Leia Organa, Chewbacca, C3PO
  • General Rieekan
  • General Madine
  • Lando Calrissian
  • Wedge Antilles

Black Sun:

  • Prince Xizor
  • Guri
  • Bossk
  • IG-88B
  • Tyber Zann

Galactic Republic:

  • Canciller Palpatine
  • Senator Padmé Amidala
  • Yoda
  • Windu
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • ARC Alpha
  • Bail Organa
  • Captain Dodonna


  • Cound Dooku
  • Nute Gunray
  • San Hill
  • General Grievous
  • Durge
  • Ventress
  • Admiral Trench
  • Aurra Sing
  • Cad Bane

Krayt Empire:

  • Darth Krayt
  • Moff Morlish Veed
  • Darth Wyyrlok
  • Darth Nihl
  • Darth Malady
  • Darth Stryfe
  • Captain Meeshal
  • Darth Azard
  • Darth Talon
  • Moff Fehlaaur

Fel Empire/Galactic Alliance:

  • Emperor Roan Fel
  • Marasiah Fel
  • Antares Draco
  • General Oron Jaeger
  • Cade Skywalker, Deliah Blue and Jariah Syn
  • Morrigan Corde
  • Admiral Gar Stazi
  • Wolf Sazen
  • Shado Vao

Hutt Cartel:

  • Jabba the Hutt
  • Durga
  • Gorga
  • Queen Jool
  • Ziro
  • Taurill
  • Bevel Lemelisk

There are more type of units and the name types have been changed.

All the ground units have been replaced by units from each faction.

Most of the buildings have been replace by Star Wars buildings.

The tech has been adapted for be more from SW with new weapons, items and more.

Superweapons. The Galactic Empire and Hutt Cartel can build the Death Star and the Dark Saber. Both can destroy enemy planets. The Galactic Empire can research and build a super station, the mini Death Star. With a super laser, it can destroys all type of ship with one shot.

There are several customized planets. The Coruscant type is one of them.

Star Wars names of planets have been added.

The game counting time has been changed and now it count by hours. You can build units at days or months. Upgrades are faster.

Maintenance balance. The unkeep values from the space units have been reduced and now more easily you can build a big amount of ships (if you have the resources). Now you will not lose them easily by lack of resources.

The music has been replaced by original Star Wars music.

Several sounds from weapons and other things have been added.

Several customizations around the code.

You can see the credits from the mod here.

Polaris Sector Released

Polaris Sector Released

Star Wars Polaris Sector - Alliance 4 comments

Polaris Sector is a new 4x game created by Softwarware and published by Slitherine. This game has a lot of potential and two very good features, it is...

Q&A by explorminate.com

Q&A by explorminate.com


This is the first Q&A that covers game basics. There I explain in more details what the game is about :)

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(Active)Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06e Patch 5S

(Active)Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06e Patch 5S

Star Wars Polaris Sector - Alliance Patch

Polaris Sector 1.06e - Alliance mod patch 5 for the Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06d&1.06e by Nomada_Firefox This is a small patch for people which they...

(Active)Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06e Patch 5

(Active)Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06e Patch 5

Star Wars Polaris Sector - Alliance Patch

Polaris Sector 1.06e - Alliance mod patch 5 for the Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06d&1.06e by Nomada_Firefox This is a small patch for the mod main file...

(Old-Obsolet)Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06e Patch 4

(Old-Obsolet)Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06e Patch 4

Star Wars Polaris Sector - Alliance Patch

Polaris Sector 1.06e - Alliance mod patch 4 for the Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06d&1.06e by Nomada_Firefox This is a small patch for the mod main file...

(Old-Obsolet)Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06e Patch 3

(Old-Obsolet)Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06e Patch 3

Star Wars Polaris Sector - Alliance Patch 1 comment

Polaris Sector 1.06e - Alliance mod patch 3 for the Polaris Sector Alliance 1.06d&1.06e by Nomada_Firefox This is a small patch for the mod main file...

(Active)Polaris Sector Alliance SWGalaxies

(Active)Polaris Sector Alliance SWGalaxies

Star Wars Polaris Sector - Alliance Patch 1 comment

This file adds new scenario Galaxies for the mod, just uncompress it in the folder where you installed the Polaris Sector Alliance overwritting all files...

(Old-Obsolete)Polaris Sector Alliance 106d patch2

(Old-Obsolete)Polaris Sector Alliance 106d patch2

Star Wars Polaris Sector - Alliance Patch

A small patch for improve the First Order ships in battle and some other small things. Just overwrite the mod content with the files inside this small...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 17)

just discoverd this game and loving it also great mod potential hoping to see a stargate or star trek mod soon :)))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

so when are u going to update the game download? Or if there is a new version somewhere that i can download could please give me the link.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ufnv Creator

I am actively working on a new version, but do not expect it earlier than in two months.

The game discussion is there - Steamcommunity.com

Also new beta will be announced there.

For Russian-speaking community there is also an active forum by this link - www.galaxia-game.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Awesome space strategy. I personally like the feature of creating asymmetric ship designs, when you can arm one board of cruiser with heavy weaponry and conduct combat in navy-like fashion.
It was a bit difficult to figure out how do science work, but in the end it made perfect sense.
There was also slight mixup with planet growth, until I figured out that in addition to specific colony module you need also specific housing built.
Love bomber tactics when you use lots of fighters to bombard capital size ship, but it's bad you can't reload bombers more that one time.
Thank you for your efforts, I wish you to make game even better.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
ufnv Creator

Thanks for the review!

Planet growth is now fixed - there is no more special colonial modules, but you just need to discover appropriate dome or platform to colonise a planet that needs it.

To reload bombers more than one time, add more rocket storage units into your carriers, they will reload you bombers when they come back to hangars.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Strategy of my dream )

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello Vladimir, I'm testing this game for 2 weeks and have a lot to say.
please tell how can I contact you to share my pluses and minuses about the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ufnv Creator

Have just received your feedback, thanks!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
ufnv Creator


My e-mail is ufnv@mail.ru


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Oh, I almost forget. I knew about the game in spacesector.com. There's a post on the forums. There are lots of 4x fans that use that web (me fi). Maybe you could talk the admins to show your work there (I dont know about their politics about this)
This Project needs more advertisement

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ufnv Creator

Actually, I've sent Adam (the author of reviews for SpaceSector) a link and asked his opinion about the game, but that was in June and unfortunately the version I had that time had some problems running with several monitors installed, so Adam was not able to run it correctly.
I fixed this, but now it looks like Adam does not want to spend more of his time on the game until it gets some independent recognition...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

nvm, Ive just seen the forum thread in spacesector;
in Game Development Projects / "Remember Tomorrow" game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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