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Cars equipped with weapons to shoot robots! What kind of weapons? Well, here are a couple more devices, which are quite different from the previous three!

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Weapons in Rough Rush (part 2)



Screen Shot 2016 11 30 at 17 12GoodScreenShocker

Shocker emits a wave, which sends ripples in the Higgs field, making robots weightless. The weapon recharges super quickly and covers a wide area, making it a powerful addition to your arsenal! The best thing about Shocker is that it disables your adversaries and makes them float in the air, which clears the road by demolishing obstacles. The origins of Shocker are unknown.



GoodScreenDlaser 1Screen Shot 2016 11 30 at 17 09

D-Laser shoots concentrated laser bursts. It is very fast and precise, however, this weapon is known to overheat if used excessively. D-Laser is a long range weapon built for skilled fighters. The device has a sustainable nuclear power source and lenses made out of HPHT diamonds.

Which of these weapons in your opinion would be most useful at:

  • a construction site;
  • a car repair shop;
  • a space station?

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