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Learn more about Space Battle VR! We have a free copy of the game for you!

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Hello guys! My name is Kacper (polish version of Casper, yes… The Friendly Ghost... and yes... by "K" like in Mortal Kombat) and I'm part of Raba Games team. You don’t know Raba Games? That’s the reason why I’m here. I don’t want to bore you with long introductions, so let's get straight to the point.

First of all - “Hello!” from the entire development team. Our indie studio is located in Wroclaw, Poland and we got some news for you. We are now working on a few games and one of them is ready! What video games do we create? To be honest - we want each game to be unique in its own way. We do not want these to be things that will come to your mind immediately when you think of a "video game".

So what's the game that is already done? What is this? Maybe you here about it, maybe not… We are the developers of Space Battle VR. As you PROBABLY FIGURED IT OUT, this is a game that take place in space. And yes, there are many battles. But I bet you don’t know that it’s a game for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Wait, what? How did you know that?!

OK, the matter of the fantastic title that perfectly describes the game and falls into memory is already settled. You know what else is great? Mid-air 720 no scope. OK, that too. But now we are talking about the ability to control the ship where you “physically” grab the sticks with your controllers. Using the touch controllers as flight sticks makes the whole game more immersive. Did I get your curiosity? Check our game by clicking here.

Woah cowboy, but what about those other games? Well… it’s TBA stuff. But I won’t leave you empty-handed. We plan to release a game that will be a breath of freshness for a certain genre. At this moment, we can't reveal everything yet, but it will be a truly calming experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of nature.

One more thing… giveaway! I got one free Steam key for Space Battle VR! What are the rules? Click here and join our Discord channel. In a few days we will draw a person there, who will receive a free game!

Please remember to follow Space Battle VR on Twitter or like Raba Games on Facebook! If you're interested in the game - add it to the Steam wishlist. Thanks so much for taking the time out, and if you have any questions, please post them here!

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