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Yes there will be a lot of opportunity to upgrade and customize your ships load out. However, there WONT be in game purchases for cash, I don't believe in that. All purchases in game are with in game credits earned through playing the game and achieving awards for completing missions, kills, minimal damage, etc... As you earn more credits you choose how to spend the credits to upgrade your ship as the story continues to unfold.

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I realized I left out a whole section of important information that isn't apparent from the video either, so I wanted to share.

In the game, it's not just about flying a single ship on missions. As the game progresses you have the opportunity to earn in game credits and you can use those credits to buy upgrades. The upgrades offer different ships, shields, weapons, engines, radars, counter measures, etc...

-- Don't worry, there are no in-game purchases with real money, that's not my intent

Each system uses more/less energy and must be balanced based on gaming style. Over time a player will earn enough to configure their perfect ship and be able to stand up to the increasingly challenging AI as the game progresses.

In the multi-player version this same concept will carry over to increase the experience.

Some recent testers were struggling at first because they didn't understand the nuances in the games mechanics. I thought they'd discover it themselves but I ended up having to explain it a little. For example, the faster you go the harder it is to turn, which seemed weird to them at first until they started to understand the big picture. To dogfight you need to slow down so you can turn better. Then they were like, I'll just keep using AFT Burn to go faster, but AFT consumes fuel at a high rate vs throttle. Fuel is used for engines, weapons and shields. If they use too much AFT or hold the trigger down with an energy weapon they'll run out of fuel and the engines will shut down. It's all about balancing the combination of features available to find the right mix. Some players might prefer speed vs maneuverability and others prefer maneuverability to speed, while others want stronger weapons at the expense of recharge rate, etc... In Pulsar-Legacies its all in there and as players progress more and more customization options become available.

Till next time, hope to see you in the verse!

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