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Welcome to 3DMUVE Indie Games, I'm Larry (Quadgnim) Grant, a hobbyist game developer that’s been programming for 35 years, and passionate about game development just as long. As a passionate gamer I’ve played everything but my passion has been space combat and science fiction. I really enjoy an exciting storyline with interesting twists/turns. In the early days of Wing Commander and XWing, I fell in love with the space combat genre. I’ve always had a vision for what the best MMO could be set in a futuristic space faring society. Most recently I've set my focus on a single player campaign space combat game. I hope fans of the genre will enjoy what I'm doing and provide constructive feedback to help make the game great.

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Hi all. I already have a main blog I use for my gaming projects and if
you'd like to follow the detailed progress on the project, please visit
my blog here at http : // www . 3dmuve . com / 3dmblog

You can also follow me on twitter @3dmuve

My primary gaming website is http : // www . 3dmuve . com

I have a facebook fan page and I'd love it if you stop over, check things out, and like the page at http : // www . facebook . com / 3dmuve

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Welcome to 3DMUVE Indie Games, I'm Larry (Quadgnim) Grant, a hobbyist game developer that’s been programming for 35 years, and passionate about game...



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