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This article will display some changes in combat and ability system, it will also show some examples of trap-generation.

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Unit Ability System

The new ability system gives a better opportunity to create unique actions for different units, part of the previous combat-system is also removed and instead recreated as abilities, currently the system is only usable by players (not NPC´s).

This is how melee combat previously looked like:

1Handed Hit & 2Handed Hit
1Hand Hit Prev 2Hand Hit Prev

Here it is in the new system:

1Handed Hit Combo & 2Handed Hit Combo
1Hand Hit Combo 2Hand Hit Combo

Some more examples of abilities:

2Handed Power Hit & Gun Power Attack
Gun Power 2Hand Hit Power

Panic Rush & Dash
Rush Dash

Uber Successful Summoning


Trap Generation

Traps may be generated depending on the assigned maps difficulty, The pictures below displays the same map but with different generated traps (using 2 different Tile-sets).


Next Update: New Alpha Demo Build


Looks good, so summons can go bad xD. Cant wait for the new alpha demo :).

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_highBitNeko Author

Summoners are currently not included in demo, but I could add one as a 5th class in the next version then the internal character creation system repaired/swapped.

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