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Post feature RSS The auto-aim for the gamepad - Devlog #28

Playing a FPS with a gamepad can be hard. We present our solution for 'Immortal Redneck'!

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For some people, playing a FPS with a gamepad is a torture worse than the rack or being burned alive. Maybe we can’t transform your gamepad in a keyboard and a mouse, but we can give you the best possible experience with a gamepad thanks to the auto-aim that we’ve implemented. Let us explain why playing ‘Immortal Redneck‘ with a pad is a satisfying experience too!

As we hinted you in the last Devlog, we use an asset called UFPS along with Rewired and Unity to let you utilize the gamepad perfectly. But, although we took UFPS as the base, we modified it to add auto-aim and pad (and mouse) acceleration. UFPS allows you to control one sensibility for both gamepad and mouse, but Rewired allows you to control more than one at the same time. For example: While you can configure the gamepad with less sensibility, the mouse can have a lot, changing between both of them very easily depending on your preferences.

But… How does our auto-aim system really work? Well, hopefully you won’t notice these gimmicks at all (that would be great – it means we’re doing our work correctly!) but we are going to be bad magicians and reveal the trick to you. Look at this picture closely…

Ssssh!! Don’t say a single word – This is top secret!! Obviously you won’t see these circles in ‘Immortal Redneck’, as they’re something only for our developers eyes. Do you want to know how does this work? Well, the little red circles set the “shooting area”. When an enemy enters in the circle, the pointer will be automatically pointed at him, so you’ll be able to hit the target, even if the enemy is not exactly under the pointer. Of course, if the enemy enters in the inner circle, you will get more shots right, and, if he goes farther, you will fail some of them.

And what about the two exterior blue circles? Those are the ones who set the gamepad sensibility: if an enemy appears when you are moving around, the speed of the pointer will slow down a little bit so you can aim better, although the speed of the game will be still the same (it has nothing to do with bullet-time games or something similar). When you are outside these circles, the pointer goes full-speed again. If you are wondering why we chose to follow this path, the solution is pretty obvious: We want to make enemies easier to get shot, so the gamepad users won’t have a handicap.

Maybe you are wondering how the system knows when an enemy is coming and if it doesn’t consume resources. We base the pointing on the screen space of the enemies. We get the position and volume of the enemies in the screen and traduce it to screen space in 2D. This way, when an enemy comes closer, the screen space occupied by it goes up and it’s easier to shoot.

So, when the time comes, what are you going to perceive in the actual ‘Immortal redneck’? Nothing.The game will be intelligent enough to make you feel everything smoothly. The aim is going to slow down, and you will shoot at the enemy even if you’re not aiming at the exact center of him, but with the rush, the enemies and the speed you won’t feel anything at all. But it is going to be happening.

That’s the beauty of video games.

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