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Since there have been a number of people already interested in this game engine we decided to produce a little progress report to give you all an idea of where we are standing.

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This article is geared towards people interested in getting a quick overview of the current state of the engine as well as people interested in a bit of technical talking.

This article bases on the last one. Only changed topics are listed.

Game Engine Layer

A new Virtual File System has been introduced. With this the only thing left is caching. Otherwise the game engine layer is done so far.

Graphic System

The graphic system is mostly implemented. There is some work left on the front of lighting and shadow casting speed wise. Some work is also left for a few nifty features like volumetric rendering and fluid rendering ( in conjunction with the physics module ). Transparency also needs a few fixes. Overall the module can be considered done to something around 80%.

Physics System

The physics system received quite some work. The progress is though linked a lot to the progress on the Bullet Physics library. Still though most of the features required for the first release milestone have been acquired so far. There is not that much left anymore to hit this milestone so the completion level of this module is roughly 90%. Part of the remaining work revolves around soft-physics ( stretching ropes or cloth ) and the long awaited physics sensors ( more to come soon about those ).


Introduction of a Common Tools package which provides many classes to ease creation of editors for this game engine. This way you can concentrate on the editing features you want to provide without having to get too close to the engine code. This package requires some more work but it's mostly done and in use by the various editors existing already.

Rig Editor

This new tool provides editing support rig resources. The tool requires some more work but is already in a usable shape. There are a few GUI interactions missing ( where you need numerical input for the time being ) but the rigs are fully editable. Therefore completion can be considered to be around 80%.


Planed release is 2008 ( summer to be precise but we don't want to nail this date yet ). This article will be updated when new progress is done so keep an eye on it.

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