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Happy to report that after the initial balancing we were finally able to start implementing some new features which change the issues that some players thought were the biggest problems with the game.

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BETA branch

If you did not see your game update, fear not. It is because we have created a new branch to put features on before they are fully tested and balanced.

The default branch will be used for when the new feature is balanced and works well, we will then simply move the current version of the game from the BETA branch into the DEFAULT branch.

So this update can be accessed on the BETA branch. If you are unfamiliar with changing branches this is the way to do it:

1) go into game properties in your Steam Library

2) open Beta tab and opt in

3) there is no password for the beta branch

If you choose to opt in the beta branch please we aware of this WARNING. The Beta branch is an unreleased version of the game that may contain bugs, crashes, etc. We do not advise you to play on it unless you are aware of this and it doesn't bother you.

Tip: switching between the beta branch and default branch can cause files to go out of sync, which might lead to losing your save files and other neat problems. We recommend verifying your cache, as this solves most problems. Re-installing the game will resolve any other issues. It's usually not a problem, but it can be a pain. You have been warned!


  • Ally Conditions - formation of blocks
  • Added Monthly Production table for region

The first new feature, that we are releasing today, deals with two things:

  • the problem of no enemy or nemesis
  • the problem of the game not being phased well

It mostly has to do with the little circle filled with aspects that you can see on top of the post. We will go into more detail in our GAME MECHANICS thread where we try to keep a list of everything that is under the hood.

The second feature is rather straightforward, we added a Monthly Production Table into regions so you can see how much every regions contributes to your total Resource Pool.


  • Hidden message box on loading breakdown from save
  • Updated Global UI with Ally Aspects
  • Updated Region UI with Region Aspect
  • Updated Region UI with Production table
  • Starting region is chosed based on selected aspect type
  • Restricted starting regions to “weak” regions
  • Balanced operations (force and media)


  • Fixed exposure icon in loading screen
  • Fixed bug for not hiding breakdown pin
  • Fixed loading warfare
  • Fixed achievement Popular

We have some exciting experiments ahead of us involving some of the suggestions you guys had in the discussions which will change and spice up the gameplay more - maybe pawns, maybe agents, maybe different operations - we will keep playing with them a bit more and try to have them on the beta branch in a couple of weeks.

Feedback, as always, more than welcome.

P.S. You can find and try out game on Steam: Store.steampowered.com

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