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Post feature RSS LUT color correction in video games - Devlog #24

How do we manage to control the color of our game, 'Immortal Redneck'?

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What a difference a color makes? Today we’re going to talk to you about the LUT Color Correction in 'Immortal Redneck'. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. “LUT” stands for “Look Up Texture”, the color corrections that you need to do in order to convert your original source to the result you want. Think on a caterpillar that grows in a chrysalis to become a butterfly: The caterpillar is the original version, the butterfly is the version you want to… and LUT is the chrysalis, where the magic happens. For the color correction we used an asset.


A room, before and after the color correction

With Amplify Color we can define and blend the different color profiles (LUTs) in different areas. We can scale the volumes, move them, rotate them and animate them. It’s very easy to create new environments with this asset linked to Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke or others. We can alter everything color-related in the picture, from exposure to color curves, and even add a mask to get certain areas outside the modifications.

You may be asking yourself how the workflow works with this asset. First, we need to take a screenshot of our game (in this case, ‘Immortal Redneck’, of course), and then upload it to the image editing program of our choice clicking on “Send screenshot”.

Now you have to edit your picture and set the colors you want, adjust the saturation, amplify colors, scale the volumes, alter the saturation and the color curves and, when you’re happy, export the image again to Unity clicking on “Read preset”. Magically, all the colors will be applied because the Asset “read” the changes in the palette of colors and applies them to the video game scene. Of course, sometimes the result may be the one you like, and sometimes it can be too much. But in order to succeed and make the best game possible, you have to try!

A room, before and after the color correction

There are other assets available and even Unity has its own LUT Color Correction in its standard assets, but we preferred Amplify Color because it allows us to insert volumes and change LUT depending on the volume itself, making a blend between them. If you have some doubts about the process, don't worry: We made a video with a tutorial of an image that we wanted to adjust. Enjoy!


I have this oppinion. LUT just damaged your game warm feeling and made it repugnant with kind of carton'ish reality filter.

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Crema Author

Well, this is not definite at all. Our game is still in pre-alpha phase and it may change a lot yet.

Hopefully you'll like the final result! =)

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Yeap, hope to see infamous results. See you bye.

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