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Go left or right? I show the structure of one of my levels that offers a meaningful decision to the player.

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Most of the levels in The Godkiller follow a kind of “linear-plus-options” structure. There’s the main series of events that unfold as you progress through a level. And along the way, extra story bits are sprinkled around. E.g. Walk next to a statue of an angel and the main character, Emm, will ponder if angels are real or not. For better or worse, the game is not an open world adventure or RPG. I keep the story tight so that I can do bigger things with it, like show nuanced character development.

But here and there, I can open up the options.

Mild spoilers ahead.

When Emm arrives at this place called “Windings”, her tedious mentor, Billy, is waiting. And they arrive at a decision point. Go left or right. To the left is a long winding path, which Billy immediately chooses.

“We’re going left. It’s safe and simple!”


Emm (the player) can follow Billy left or plunge into a dark pit to the right. Emm, like the player, will likely be in the mood for adventure. Going left, she’ll get an earful of Billy.

2021-04-22 12.38.43

There are a few other twists to the level, but I don’t want to spoil too much. A wager of sorts to the left that can unlock an achievement. A character in the pit that is on the verge of mental ruin. A dramatic conversation at the end of the level that saddens and humiliates one of the characters.

I am so excited for the game to be complete and out in the world for people to play. It’s coming! Wishlist on Steam.

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