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In this article, you can find all animals currently present in the first chapter of the Gray Zone.

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Animal Kingdom

Gray Zone: Chapter 1 takes place on a distant desert planet called Deleon. Among other things, its vast fauna and flora are inspired by the universe of Star Wars.


Geds are alternative to dogs but since Deleon is a toxic planet, they have adapted to these rough conditions. Young individuals may be tamed and domesticated. They mostly live in packs and feed on corpses they find in the wasteland. Watch out! Getting too close can provoke them to attack.



Gaspin is exotic and rare species of bird on Deleon. It attacks only when threatened and never on its own initiative. Areas covered with local toxic gas are Gaspins' natural habitat.



Goonkays are rare species of lizard. They live near vulcanic bogs and are territorial by nature. When provoked, Goonkay spits deadly venom on their foes and can also bite. And from our own experience, it's hard to capture them on camera...



Those little pink-blue flying creatures are called Polas. Polas are scavengers just like Geds. Due to their shy nature, they don't particularly enjoy sharing their meal in presence of other animals. On the other hand, persistence is their virtue.



Kaluns are domesticated draft animals, slow and peacefull. Adult Kalun can carry a lot of cargo. Milk from the Kalun female when pregnant is especially valued.



Yosari is a small mammal which likes to steal unguarded food. They live in deep burrows where no one can get to them.



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They look so cool! :3

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:D Animals look nice!

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