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Post feature RSS [DICETINY] Multi-save system, New board designs

A sneak-peek of the work-in-progress multi-save system and new board designs.

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Hey guys,

Here's this week's update! We are also receiving card ideas so click here and let your imagination fly if you're interested.

Multiple save system:

The new board designs:

You can check out more new designs in this video where I talk about the aforementioned stuff:

Updated the guide

I updated the guide so have a look here when you have time. (Added campfire, world map, card equipment etc.) Meanwhile I'm planning to make a beginner's tutorial video (since we don't have a tutorial yet. We're working on it guys!) for those of having trouble with the game.

Improvements based on the user feedback.

My Deck: Right click to remove a card from the deck, and left click to add a card to the deck.

Campfire -> Card Sellers -> Sellers will not show the cards you already possess.
See you next time guys!

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