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Our released indie game, Cubelander just got a huge update in early access! Come and check it out!

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Hey guys, it's been a long time since we've last posted here.

And that's because we've been extremely busy making content behind the scenes for everyone to enjoy.

So first of all, Cubelander is released! Come check out the game here!. The game will be 50% off for the rest of the year, so grab the game for an exclusive price!

We've included more bossfights into the game:

Watch a video of the Cryonova bossfight!

We've added many many new towers to select:

So many towers to choose from!

  • Like playing a high DPS playstyle and gunning down your enemies, you can't go wrong with the Cube Launcher or Gauss Accelerator
  • Like melting entire crowds? Try the Cube Reactor or EMP Field
  • Some towers are very unconventional! Why let your towers do the work when they can take the backseat and let your defenders do the job? With the Symmetria Sword and Crystal doing just that!
  • Many towers can be unlocked only in Prestige Mode, enhancing the replayability of the game!

Additionally, we've added many new defenders to the game! Defenders are a way to send units on the battlefield and make enemies fight you! There are many types of defenders!

  • Like using them as cannon fodder to stall enemies for just a few more seconds? The infantry will suffice, or perhaps use the Zapper, who electrocute all nearby enemies on death!
  • Hold off a whole wave enemy of defenders while your towers do the work with the Barbarian or Wall!
  • Or perhaps you want them to carry you! Paladins, Mages and Rangers deal heavy damage from behind the frontlines and can kill many enemies on their own! The choice is yours!

There are many defenders to choose!

Additionally, we've been reworking and finishing off the campaign mode of Cubelander! Fight through 28 unique levels each with their own maps, unique challenges, and new enemies!

From the very easy levels of the Cubeverse, to gauntlet styled levels, to intense bossfights, and puzzling levels, and even a level that restricts you to placing only a single tower, there is never a lack of unique level design in Cubelander!

Level Select

And there are a lot more enemies ready to invade your cores and pose a threat to your defences now!

From the simple behemoths that can sustain punishment, to enemies that sap your money and energy away, to enemies that summon blizzards, and mites that can inflict deadly venom upon your unsuspecting defenders, the enemy roster in Cubelander brings a large variety of challenges for any players!

Take on new and enhanced enemies

Game not hard enough or too hard? Introducing Cubelander's take on difficulty!

While our levels have a smooth difficulty curve that should be easy to navigate, while challenging the player, we've made settings so that the game is enjoyable for everyone!

There are 4 difficulty settings which significantly alter every aspect of the game, including resource generation rate, enemy toughness, and even giving enemies new traits on Invictus mode! Bossfights are also dramatically changed on higher difficulty settings!

Difficulty Levels.

That's all for the post! If you haven't already, come and get the game at:


Thanks for reading!

Hyperreal Games

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