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Hello everyone! I would like to talk about a mechanic of crafting in Lost Scavenger. Main emphasis of the game is on surviving in a hostile environment, simulating the needs of the body (food, medicine, temperature, etc.) and finding and crafting items you need for this uneasy case. It is about the latter that I would like to tell, or rather, about a part of it.

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So, the game focuses on crafting items.

During the game our character will constantly have to make or cook something to survive. Most of the categories of items can be made from both primitive improvised materials and from higher quality materials collected from the remains of civilization. To fix the fracture, you put on a medical splint, or you just can make an impromptu one from branches and ropes.

To make an item of proper quality, you will need:

  1. Discover the blueprint - this will give information about the components, tools and requirements for its manufacture. This can be done in the following ways:

- to read in a newspaper or book, which sometimes come across when searching urban areas.

- ask the NPC for money or during the quest.

- sometimes blueprint can be recognized when disassembling the item.

- experiment! Nothing prevents you from taking a stick, knife, rope and attempting to create a primitive spear. It is not a fact that you will succeed, and some of the components will be destroyed if your attempt fails, but Fortune favors the brave! =)


2. Learn how to do it

The process studying is expressed in the discovery of the exact positions of each component on the crafting table - each item which is out of its position will significantly reduce the final quality (strength) of the item received. If the durability is below zero, the item will not be crafted. The process of opening these positions is a lot like opening the blueprint itself. We can:

- continue to disassemble items.

- try to create an item by placing components on the table at random - in case of failure, some of the components will be destroyed, but the position of one of them will be open. It will also discover the position of the component you guessed it at.


The chance of opening a position depends on item’s tire - the more complicated the item, the longer it takes to learn to do it. Some perks and character’s background speed up this process, increasing the chance of opening a position of materials or opening 2 positions at a time - I want smart characters to have the same chances of surviving as strong ones. =)

3. When the most difficult thing is over, it remains only to find materials and tools of suitable quality! It is also worth to keep in mind that complex recipes may require a character’s specialized perks or workshop, which can only be used in some settlements.


Basic blueprints and recipes like bonfire, boiling water, club, etc. will be available at the beginning of the game, the rest will have to be made in the process. The quality of the crafted item depends on the quality of the raw materials and the tools used, which, by the way, wear out in the process.

My main task is to make the craft process, on the one hand, not casual, but on the other, not too routine, because you will have to resort to it often. I will tell you more about the existing crafting model, interface, as well as an alternative idea in the next issues.

I would be grateful if you share your opinion, is this crafting process too confused, can it arouse your interest in mastering new blueprints, or, conversely, scare you away from the game? Thank you!

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