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Get up close and personal with our speedy brawler, Hiroki Watanabe - aka Hiroman! Bring justice and style to the battlefield using his impressive array of moves!

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Character Feature - Hiroman

PAX AUS was an amazing experience! We loved seeing how much people enjoyed playing our game, and we'll absolutely be showing off again in the future. We hope to see familiar faces next time!
Previously we showed Mr. Televisor, the main antagonist of the game. This time around, we're showing off Hiroki Watanabe, AKA Hiroman! Let us know what you think of him!


Hiroman is a brave, bold, and beautiful superhero, adored by millions of fans. Having defeated every opponent that threatened the safety of the world, and having accomplished everything in several high-profile careers, Hiro was ready to enjoy the lavish lifestyle he had earned. However, he was suddenly ripped out of his version of paradise by the nefarious Mr. Televisor!

Hiro is one of our faster and heavier characters, combining style and speed to make himself a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield! He excels at punishing his foes in close range, and getting there without giving them the chance to react.

When making Hiro, we were heavily inspired by stereotypical Japanese Anime heroes. Characters such as Kamina from Gurren Lagann, Space Dandy, and Speed Racer all influenced his design and his moveset.
One shining example lead his development more than any other though - Captain Falcon. We have tried our best to capture the rushdown playstyle that Falcon brings to Smash Bros, while adding unique twists to set him apart - cementing Hiro as our easy to pick up, hard to master character!

Neutral Special - Sparkle Love Cannon!

Hiro's Neutral Special pulls out his iconic blaster, charging up a massive shot. Hiro can shoot at any time during the charge, racking up damage from afar! However, Hiro can charge the shot fully - storing it for later use, which can come in handy for a deadly finishing combo. Make use of your range!

Side Special - Dazzle Dash

A true hero has all the right tools to get the job done. When chasing down baddies, no tool is more important than Hiro's patented rocket boots!
Hiro's side special makes use of these - propelling himself forward to execute his infamous Dazzle Dash! Anyone unfortunate enough to be in his path takes damage and gets launched skyward!

Down Special - Glittering Eagle

By far Hiro's most important and iconic ability, Glittering Eagle is a massive punch capable of flinging enemies far into the distance. This is one of his slowest moves - making it difficult to land reliably, however fully charging and landing this almost always results in a kill!!

Up Special - Heaven Piercer

Hiro's Up Special is his recovery move, Heaven Piercer! This move is especially important for getting back to the fight. Hiro sprouts angelic wings and sparkles, soaring upwards a massive distance and landing gracefully. Use this whenever you're falling off the stage, and you're almost certain to recover!

Thanks for reading!

And that's Hiros current special lineup! However, as this is early in development, keep in mind everything is subject to change. Like us on Facebook to keep up with the changes!
We hope you enjoyed learning about Hiro - look forward to playing him when Dimensions VS enters early access 2017!

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