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The campaign stages are in the process of being redesigned to include all the new features of the engine. With allot of player struggling to defeat the AI with the first chess like campaign, I made a few playthroughs of the first three stages to illustrate the tactics and strategy required to defeat the AI.

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New Features

Our new engine features add a tremendous amount of strategic and tactical features to the game, which means our old campaign levels will fall away and new campaign levels are being designed that include all the features of the current engine. The videos below will take you step by step through the old campaign and what tactics were required to best the AI

Stage 1

With the first level I wanted players to experiment with how changing combat stances within the game can give you a tactical advantage

Stage 2

This was the old campaign level 2 where I wanted to teach players how bunkers function within the engine.

Stage 3

This was the old campaign level 3. Here we introduced a new victory type to the engine called VIP extraction. When building a board players can choose the victory gameplay.
We also introduced board abilities to the engine. When creating boards players can add these global board abilities like drone strikes, repair and even time reversal.

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