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Debug console, shields, and more in this update of x'Ar's Adventures!

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Update - Console, Shields, Stations and Asteroids



I've managed to create "smart" console, that will TAB-complete commands and their parameters (see video for example). This will allow me to play-test and debug faster.


What would a space game be without shields? Well... a space game without shields, but... that's not the point.

The shields will protect you from all damage, but beware! Spacesuits can go right trough them so watch where you fly unless you want to have red wind-shield.


Added new station module that will allow docking in the future. For now it only has animations.


bandicam 2015 12 08 20 06 56 983

Completely rewritten asteroid generation. It is now 200% more efficient, while still fully mineable and procedural. You can see how the collider generates in the video.

Astronaut for scale.

Asteroids either form a ring around a star, or float freely when there is no star.

Keep your communications open for more!
x'Ar the Explorer

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