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Adventures of x'Ar the Explorer

  • 2D Space exploring adventure!
  • Procedurally generated universe!
  • Real-time lighting!
  • Many different ships and weapons!
  • Dungeons!
  • Artifacts!
  • Lasers!
  • Bloom!
  • Mysteries!
  • Bloom!


A game. An exploration game. An exploration game in space. Feel up for some adventure?

x'Ar is just a normal guy, but, he has a tail. And he's a reptile. And he's an alien. One of many by the way. I universe of Aox, there are many different species (Well, right now only two), each with something special.
There are:

  • Raiji
    • Basically humans.
    • More info in news.
  • Lekrad
    • Reptilians
    • x'Ar is Lekrad.
    • More info in news.
  • Pirates
    • Not really species, but a faction. The bad guys.

I will finish this page as the game development progresses.

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Note: This Devlog is originally from /r/aox. Written by /u/xArTheExplorer.

Devlog 2

Heeeey guys! Today, I'm here personally. It has been a while since our last update, but that was just because/u/webik150 is working really, really hard on the game. Well, today (actually about 10mins ago), we have finallyfinished started working on a new BIG feature.


This took time, a lot of time. Frame-by-frame animations are something I don't want to do ever again. Anyway, now I won't suffocate when pirates blow my ship up.

How will this work?

Well, you need some way to survive in space. Right? That why we've invented spacesuits.

  • The spacesuit will basically work like a drone (more about those later). A small ship, without a jumpdrive, and with only little bit of fuel.

  • You will be able to eject from your current ship, which will put you into a spacesuit.

  • Also, if your ship blows up, you'll be tossed into space in a spacesuit

  • You can hijack ships when in a spacesuit. That means if they don't smash you into pieces.

That's all I can think of right now.


Ships are a big part of this game, so let's talk about them for a minute. Ships are going to be categorized by Ship Class. There are going to be small ships, and there are going to be big ships. BIIIIG ships.

Currently, we have these Ship Classes planned:

  • Drones
    • Smallest ships.
    • They will be flyable, but won't have jumpdrives.
    • There will be different types of drones (Defence, Trading, Escort, Fighter)
  • Light Fighters
    • Versatile small ships.
    • Generally are faster than Heavy Fighters, but have fewer hitpoints.
  • Heavy Fighters
    • Welp, heavy ships. Still pretty small, but able to withstand some firepower.
  • Transporters
    • Either Cargo transporters or liners.
    • Slow, but have good armor.
  • Corvettes
    • Medium size.
    • Good speed, good armor, good firepower
    • Lots of weapons, lots of cargo space
  • Destroyers
    • Big ships. Big guns. Feel the need to compensate for something? Get a Destroyer.
    • After you get it, it will at least compensate for the few monies you'll have left.
    • Carriers
    • Something like Destroyers, but with cargo space and a hangar (for drones and possibly fighters) instead of some weapons.
  • ???
    • Nobody knows for sure, but there have been rumors about ancient ships so big, that they could fit a corvette in them.

a bit of Stations

Stations are a far, far from being done. So far, we have one station working, but with no hangars nor shops, or anything else. Only with living quarters, which, at the moment, do nothing. In the future, we want our stations to be randomly generated (random combination of rooms).

Please note, that everything written here is subject to change (even this).

Please, forgive me for any grammatical errors, as the LekradRaiji translator isn't fully functional yet.


x'Ar the Explorer

Devlog #1 - Hey!

Devlog #1 - Hey!


First devlog (reposted from reddit), info about the main character and the universe.

[Aox Devlog] Console, Shields, Stations and Asteroids

[Aox Devlog] Console, Shields, Stations and Asteroids


Debug console, shields, and more in this update of x'Ar's Adventures!

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Jul 23 2016

I'm starting to feel my tail 0_o

Jul 23 2016

Phew. It was close, but I'm back and I've brought something back with me. It's not fully working yet, but we are. Xenonlabs.eu

Jun 24 2016

BTW I've noticed that the space has changed. Some stars seem to have dimmed some on the contrary glow more than ever I.gyazo.com

Jan 1 2016

I finally got enough new stuff for another devlog, however, I've caught the Arka'mien flu on my last expedition, so it'll have to wait.

Jan 1 2016

Brand new loading screen. I really hoped I wouldn't need it, but asteroids take time to gene... - Gamedevleague.com via @GameDevLeague

Dec 22 2015

You can now take screenshots, which get saved to the game's folder in My Documents

Dec 17 2015

I'm still here, just got busy with updating Aox instead of bragging about it on twitter.

Dec 17 2015

Saving kinda works! Now loading....

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