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Take an in-depth look at our Special FX system as it's currently implemented and see what we have planned for the future.

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An In-Depth Look At Special FX

Special FX are purchasable special powers that can and often do break the general rules of Killing, My Friend but have a limited duration. Once purchased they can be used at any time by the player. When one has been purchased an icon will show up next to the ammo indicator that a Special FX has been purchased.


Special FX are purchased using the player's Fame from a menu that the player can call up during a match at the ammo boxes. They are also available after the player has died at the respawn screen. Only one may be purchased at a time and needs to be used before another can be purchased. In a previous article we covered Special FX, but this time we wanted to show a few examples and of the working SFX and go into detail on some of the upcoming SFX that we plan to implement during Early Access. First off, here’s our current crop of Special FX:

Only a Flesh Wound! When used, Only A Flesh Wound! reduces damage taken and negates bleeding damage from any wounds for 30 seconds. Stops any bleeding already occurring and basically acts like an instant bandage. Only A Flesh Wound is basically a semi-invulnerability and it’s priced relatively cheap so that beginning players can have a boost to survivability when things get hairy.

Second Wind: Can be used when wounded, instantly heals wounded state and gets the player back into the game. This allows the player to get themselves back into the game if they become wounded without need for another player to bandage them. Priced the same as Only A Flesh Wound, it’s also fairly cheap to be easy to obtain.

Super Stamina: Increases basic speed and the Stunt Meter doesn't deplete when doing stunts or sprinting for 60 Seconds. If you like playing at a faster pace and to stick and move constantly, this one is for you. Chain a crazy amount of stunts together to drive that fame score bonus to crazy levels.

RPG: When used an RPG is equipped and can be fired. Has a large area of effect and does high damage. Can only be fired from the Aimed position. This is great for bosses, especially the Attack Chopper. It’s a great way to get out of a sticky situation. You don’t earn any bonuses while using it but it can aid in keeping you alive.

Unlimited Ammo: The player can fire their weapon without the need to reload for a duration of 30 seconds. A classic movie trope becomes your best friend as you fire an unlimited amount of ammo before you reload. As you can see in the video below, for the duration of the SFX, the ammo counter doesn’t move. Just keep firing!

Overcrank: Overcrank is the mother of all action movie Special FX. The player can activate slow motion that slows down time but still allows players to aim in real time. Every player on the team can benefit from another player’s activation of Overcrank if you take time to coordinate the timing. It’s the ultimate co-op Special FX.

Those will all be available when the game ships for Early Access. But here’s a few we have planned in future, free updates:

  • Dual Derringers: Two Derringers with a spring loaded wrist rigs. The player drops whatever weapon you are holding and whips out the Derringers with a very fast animation. Only 4 shots but a very fast ROF and does extra damage to bosses and Arch Nemesis level bad guys. Priced very cheap for a quick boost in damage against the hardest enemies.
  • Kung Fu Master: All Melee Attacks do double damage. Yes, eventually you’ll be able to drop all your weapons and play the entire game with a set of hand-to-hand moves exclusively. This Special FX is tailored specifically to players who wish to do so. Last 30 seconds.
  • Bullet Block: The player can block bullets with their sword in a wide arc in front of them for a few moments. Comes with 5 charges Another Special FX for a specific weapon set. If you choose to play the game with a samurai sword weapon mod installed, this may be of interest to you. Block any shots for a few moments.
  • Human Shield: Player gains the ability to grab an enemy to use as a Human Shield. Lasts until the enemy is killed by friendly fire or the player executes the their shield. And every kill while using this particular Special FX will result in a score bonus!
  • Inspiration: Revive all wounded players instantly from anywhere on the map. Having a tough game with teammates going down left and right? This one may be of interest to you. You can instantly revive all your teammates regardless of their proximity. Really handy if you are the sole unwounded player.
  • Disarm! When used causes all arm and body shots to knock the primary gun from enemies’ hands and causes them to pull out their sidearm. Ability lasts for 10 seconds. Force your enemy to use their sidearm or come at you with fists by shooting their gun out of their hand. Ouch! That smarts!
  • Really Big Gun: When used the player pulls out a Minigun with unlimited ammo that quickly ramps up to 600 rounds per minute and can continue firing until the timer runs out. While firing the player is reduced to walking speed and cannot use any Stunt ability. No bleeding damage is taken by the player either. Become a walking turret and mow down large groups of enemies or take out a pesky boss.

That’s it for now. We’ll have more information as the game progresses so follow us here and keep up-to-date on all the latest. And don’t forget to back us on IndieGoGo! Right now you can get a copy of the game for 50% off at $10 while supplies last! Or get in on the beta testing and receive some backer exclusive gear in the process. Click here:


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