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Post feature RSS A Kickstarter Postmortem, Her Majesty's SPIFFING

Will Barr delivers a postmortem of Her Majesty's SPIFFING, a comedy adventure game kickstarted in November 2014. Will highlights the dizzying highs and crippling lows of independent videogame development, all delivered in a moderately coherent Northern Irish accent.

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Over the weekend Will Barr spoke at AdventureX (the annual, narrative gaming conference this year held at Goldsmiths University, London) about the development of Her Majesty's SPIFFING, the comedy, 3D graphic adventure game developed by BillyGoat Entertainment coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam and Humble Store in December.

In November 2014 Her Majesty's SPIFFING raised £33,813 on Kickstarter to start development, Will talks about how BillyGoat was able to stretch the money raised (ultimately the game cost £220,000 to develop) and gives an overview on how his company went from a front for his freelance animation work to a console game developer.

Disclaimer: Video below includes man with accent.

Her Majesty's SPIFFING is a quaint graphic adventure game following the exploits of Captain Frank Lee English and his trusted regional accented colleague, Aled, as they travel through the cosmos in search of planets to claim for a new Galactic British Empire! You can check out the game's release trailer below:

You can follow BillyGoat Entertainment on Twitter for up to date news on Her Majesty's SPIFFING.

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