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Download the SDK here (including source code): wurfelengine.net

Features of Wurfel Engine

  • cross-plattform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • loading/saving of maps unlimited in size via steaming
    • dynamic chunk size
  • split screen support
  • Rendering
    • high rendering speed because of visibility analysis
    • virtual cameras
    • pixel based shading with normal maps
    • vertex based shading
    • vertex based fog
  • entity system
    • basic collision
  • game console
    • CVar system
  • screen-to-game-function
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Wurfel engine V1.7 Released


The engine SDK v1.7.5 can be downloaded here.

The latest update brings higher performance by reducing memory usage and higher rendering speed. The newly included entity-component-pattern will be further used in the future.
Smaller memory consumption and multithreaded chunk loading delivers a more stable game world streaming experience.

Wurfel Engine now uses its repository on Github not only for hosting but for active open source development. You can contribute to it here.


  • changed depth sorting algorithm for improved sorting results
  • improved map loading speed by using multithreading
  • the sound engine now uses stereo sound
  • improved rendering speed
    • ambient occlusion via hardware interpolation
    • reduced overdraw by not rendering invisible parts of the block’s sides
  • added entity component design pattern
  • improved console
    • can now show more then one last command
    • can show the last command even after a restart
  • devtools show frame time instead of FPS
  • the entities selection rectangle is now rendered at the correct position for non-FullHD resolutions
  • improved world collision especially with the bottom of the blocks
    • now it’s not possible to jump into a block
  • replaced block value slider in editor with a text field
  • improved undo/redo in editor
  • z-level filtering in editor more continuous
  • more stable FPS by saving the clipping analysis in the chunks and copy that to the rendering
  • Launch commands added
    • you can pass launch commands which are performed once the engine is running
  • light sources added to light engine via vertex shading
  • various bugfixes
  • package names in lowercase
  • some minor API changes

Alpha 6 is out!

Alpha 6 is out!

Caveland 1 comment

The early access game Caveland gets another update. A part of the update features graphical improvements and a tutorial level.

Alpha 5 Status

Alpha 5 Status


Alpha 5 brings improved lighting and caves with enemy robots. Here is a preview of the work in progress.

"Use-it" Update v1.2 Released

"Use-it" Update v1.2 Released


Wurfel Engine has a new SDK. The new update includes a level editor and some more cool stuff.

"Feature Update" V1.1 Released

"Feature Update" V1.1 Released

News 6 comments

The first big update of the isometric block-world game engine „Wurfel Engine“ has been released. The update mainly consists of new features (e.g...

Add game Games


Hack 'n' Slash

A sandbox-building-game in which a base must be constructed and the environment and dangerous caves explored for resources, which can be mined by automatic...

parityb1t - - 1 comments

looking great! well done

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
HeadClot - - 461 comments

Hey Cbeed - Where do I submit a feature request?

I am currently following your engine on github by the way. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BSVogler Creator
BSVogler - - 9 comments

Just simple via github:

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,057 comments

Where's the download?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BSVogler Creator
BSVogler - - 9 comments

You can try the demos from the website or download the source code for developing your game from git hub.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
BSVogler Creator
BSVogler - - 9 comments

You can now download the new SDK from the Website or GitHub

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