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Those who studied fighting games have probably realized just how complex the smallest thing is when dealing with game balancing and frame data, not to mention the highly complex aspect of hitboxes and unique physics. That's where Universal Fighting Engine comes in. UFE gives you a 2.5D open fighting game engine ready to use with a highly customizable code and easy to use tools similar to those used by Capcom and NeatherRealm.

Here are just some of the features UFE provide:
- Special move execution system.
- Precision hit boxes.
- Combo system.

- Custom input manager.
- Cinematic move editor.
- Easy to use editor tools (also open source).
- Visual frame data editor (startup, active and recovery frames)
- Fully inpendent GUI scripts to allow for easy third party assets implementations.
- Animation and camera preview tools.
- Fully commented open source GUI scripts.
- Over 100 animations included, all UFE coded and ready to use.
- 4 GUI templates with fully commented scripts.
- Several free to use sound effects and music files

Documentation & feature list: Ufe3d.com
Upcoming Features: Ufe3d.com

Currently UFE only supports 2.5D gameplay (Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs Capcom 3), but it will soon also support full 3D (Tekken, Dead of Alive, Virtual Fighter)

Playable Demo: Ufe3d.com
Video Tutorial 2: Youtube.com
Video Tutorial 1: Youtube.com
Video Demo 3: Youtube.com
Video Demo 2: Youtube.com
Video Demo 1: Youtube.com

For more videos, information on how to acquire and discussed features, visit this thread:

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Ok guys the official Kickstarter is now live you can now preorder the game and donate by visiting this link Kickstarter.com

let's make the ultimate kung fu game a reality.
Thank you all for your support.

Kings of Kung Fu is passion project, a love letter to martial arts cinema, a project born out of a lifelong love of Martial arts films. These films were a major part of my childhood. I always wanted to see the best styles in Martial Arts films in one game. Imagine Jeet Kune Do style vs Drunken Boxing or Shaolin Hung Gar style vs Wing Chun. The possibilities are endless, and now for the first time ever you can see your favorite movie fighting styles in one game.

Demo is now available! Play in your browser!

Demo is now available! Play in your browser!


We have made a demo of the current version of the game. You can play it in your browser, if you have Unity Web Player plugin installed (Windows only).

League of Legends Fighting Game Tech Demo

League of Legends Fighting Game Tech Demo

News 5 comments

This is a small demonstration of the power of Universal Fighting Engine. This video shows League of Legends characters ported directly from the game itself...

Universal Fighting Engine v1.0.3

Universal Fighting Engine v1.0.3


Universal Fighting Engine version 1.0.3 is finally out! Several new additions including Mecanim support.

Add game Games
Kings of Kung Fu

Kings of Kung Fu


1 on 1 Kung fu fighting action. 12 Character styles inspired by classic kung fu films. 15 Original stages inspired by classic kung fu films The Ultimate...




2.5D fighter with school girls and catchy music. Demo is now available!

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