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Ness-Engine is an open source game/rendering engine written in CPP.

totally free for commercial use (with the permissive zlib license), and powerful as hell!

Official site:


rpg game with ness-engine

What kind of games can I develop with Ness-Engine?

Ness-Engine is super flexible and can be the foundation of any type of awesome 2D game! whether its an RPG game, a side scroller, spaceship game, top-down, isometric or point-and-click adventure, Ness-Engine is 100% fit to do the dirty rendering job!

Key features

ness-engine can be summed up to these 5 key features:

  • Extremly easy: with just few lines of codes you can get pretty impressive stuff. check out this 100-lines game!
  • Scene-oriented: the engine is based on scenes, nodes and entites. this gives you great flexibility and opens up a new world of amazing features.
  • Cross-platform: windows, linux.. you name it! the engine is based on SDL2 and will work on any platform you can imagine. (*Note: currently there are binaries just for windows, binaries for other OS are on the TBD list or you can just build them yourself)
  • Flexible: you can easily extend the engine by creating new entities and node types to achieve pretty much anything!
  • Fast: the engine is highly optimized and give very good performance, even with thousands of entities with special effects and z-ordering enabled.

walking in the dark

And more specifically...


  • nodes & entities scene graph.
  • rendering transformations - scaling, color tilt, blending effects, and more..
  • transformations & effects inheritance.
  • sprite, sprites sheet, animations, shapes, lights, and other cool built-in renderables.
  • text rendering and multi-line text with full transformations supported, easily extendable into text with special effects.
  • built-in z-ordering.
  • built-in lightings, easily extendable into 3d lighting effects and more.
  • render-to-texture, targets queue, and built-in canvas entity.
  • built-in extendable camera object, with focusing on targets & animations functionality.
  • built-in tilemaps and nodemaps, easily extendable into isometric tilemap and other cool tile-based engines.
  • built-in animators for entities and nodes.
  • built-in particles system and cool effects.
  • built-in masks to create a stencil-buffer-like effect.
  • built-in texture scroller to create scroller backgrounds.


  • static-nodes.
  • render only what's visible & in screen.
  • transformations cache.


  • events handlers, keyboard, mouse, etc..
  • built-in classes to easily handle vectors, sizes, colors and more + all the basic math you need for a 2D game. doing vectors math never been so easy!
  • time factor, fps counting, and more..
  • fully-managed resources & textures.
  • easily integrated with Box2D and other physical engines.

this tank is on fire

SDL2 integrated

Ness-engine uses SDL2 and deeply integrated with it, so besides the rendering you are also covered with input, sounds and more.

Easily integrated with Box2D

It's super-easy to integrate Ness-Engine with box2D to get awesome physics running!

spaceship game - with just 100 lines of code

an example:

Using Ness-Engine is as easy as:

#include <nessengine.h>
int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
    Ness::Renderer renderer("new project", Ness::Sizei(800,600));
    Ness::ScenePtr scene = renderer.create_scene();
    Ness::SpritePtr sprite = scene->create_sprite("ness-engine/resources/gfx/hello_world.png");
    Ness::Utils::EventsPoller EventsPoller;
    Ness::Utils::ApplicationEvents app;
    while( !app.got_quit() )

more info at the tutorial pages:

parallax scrolling with ness-engine

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