Xash3D is a custom Gold Source build from a scratch. Xash3D overcomes obsolete Gold Source engine's limits and provides for you a new quality of gaming experience and modmaking capabilities, for example: higher limits for bsp-models, studiomodels scaling, realistic values of lighting on server side, entity patch technology support, support of additional map types, support of precaching "on the fly", support for using real HD-textures (up to 4096 x 4096 px) for maps, models, sprites and decals in any played mod and many other features...

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Just awesome. What you did creating this engine cannot be described with any words.


No comment...just GREAT!




Very good work,Uncle Mike.

I think this is a great mod for the GoldSrc engine. I'll use this in the Half Life Evolution


kary says

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Simply awesome, I played a few mods on this engine and had no problems whatsoever. Has some graphical improvements over the standard goldsrc (and a lot more with xashXT).
In my HL modding days I always thought that it would be cool to just release your mod as a standalone game as well - it would reach much wider audience. Now this was made possible with Xash3D.
I also found out that the engine was ported to Android - finally Half-Life (and countless mods) on your phone! The only thing missing now is a linux port (though it ran just fine in wine, but still - native would be better)

Works better!
Better Optimized!
now i can play Brutal Doom with NO PROBLEMS!
Thanks a lot for this man!!!
i have used it before but i wasn't a fan of this Engine
it was kinda unstable , but i think it was my PC's fault
now it works perfectly!
Thanks a lot man , seriously , you did a serious awesome work!


ciba43 says

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The engine works great. There are some minor problems (some already fixed) like Gluon Gun being strange and some incompability with mods. Well, but still this is great :D




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Just awesome. What you did creating this engine cannot be described with any words.

Jan 28 2012 by ADTeamâ„¢

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