Tiberian Sun Reborn is a standalone game that aims to recreate the atmosphere and combat of Tiberian Sun in a FPS. The original effort was started in 2004 by a small group of dedicated modders, leading to its first official release in 2008 as C&C Reborn.

As of November 2011, TSR has been entirely reimagined and redesigned to stick closer to its Tiberian Sun roots while allowing you to benefit from what we've learned from playing the original Reborn and our work on the other Bluehell Productions projects, with room left for imagination and exploration of the Tiberian Sun atmosphere. We invite you to visit our website for more information.

Be sure to check out our forums for the latest news and discussion, plus our semi-regular development blogs!

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RSS Articles

Good welcome, citizens! More reports on Tiberian Sun Reborn 2.0 have surfaced! Intel indicates the team has received assistance from an outside source, and additionally a view of alternate vehicle cameras, a new Nod building, and something else our agents have yet to decipher.

Timeaua's Contributions


Renowned fan mapper, Timeaua, has collaborated with the Reborn team and has provided his map source files for 2.0. His maps, if you are unfamiliar, were Tiber, Dam, and Omega City. Expect to see these maps updated and shipping out with release! We thank you for your maps and assets Timeaua!

Alt Cameras

Pushwall happened to find time outside of developing APB and brought alternate vehicle cameras over to Reborn.

GDI Wolverine

GDI Titan

Nod Attack Buggy

Nod Attack Bike

Other vehicles may receive alternate cameras, although it is yet to be determined which if not all vehicles will receive this.

Nod Repair Station

In order to repair their vehicles, Nod has had to resort to assigning a soldier to man the Mobile Repair Vehicle. In order to free up manpower, Nod has designed a Repair Station that will be included in Nod bases across the globe.

Concept image by Ice.

Expect more updates on this and how it will fit into existing bases.

Corrupted Data

Regarding the last part of the intel we have received, it appears to be garbled. Our agents are attempting to unscramble this visual feed and see what information we can get out of this. Until it can be deciphered, this is all that we have.


And that does it for this update! Tune in next time for more to come as we continue on the road to release!

TS: Reborn June 2017 Update

TS: Reborn June 2017 Update

News 17 comments

Good welcome, citizens! Battle Grid Response has received reports of progress on Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0. Intel indicates a look at Limpet Drones, the...

Tiberian Sun: Reborn August 2016 Update

Tiberian Sun: Reborn August 2016 Update

News 7 comments

Steadily on the road to 2.0! A new addition to the team, and a new structure for Nod.

The Future of Tiberian Sun: Reborn

The Future of Tiberian Sun: Reborn

News 23 comments

Tiberian Sun: Reborn is back! The development team has begin work on version!

Tester Applications are Open!

Tester Applications are Open!


W3D Hub have once again open their doors to accepting tester applications! If you enjoy following games such as Tiberian Sun: Reborn, Red Alert 2: Apocalyse...

RSS Files
W3D Hub Launcher

W3D Hub Launcher

Installer Tool 12 comments

The W3D Hub launcher is your one stop shop for your W3D gaming needs, providing game downloads and automatic updates, an integrated server browser, centralised...

Texture Pack 8.0

Texture Pack 8.0

Tiberian Sun Reborn texture pack Full Version

This is the latest edition of my mad texture pack. If you want someone in this texture pack continue, but please tell me about it.

(OBSOLETE) C&C Reborn: Infantry Beta v.

(OBSOLETE) C&C Reborn: Infantry Beta v.

Demo 75 comments

Retained for posterity, this Feb. 2008 build is only now serves as a curiosity and is entirely unsupported; use at your own risk. Radical changes have...

Reborn Ion Cannon Video

Movies 11 comments

This is a video of the GDI Ion Cannon featured in reborn, taking direct influence from the C&C3 Ion cannon with it's separate beams joining to create...

C&C Reborn Gameplay Trailer 2007

Movies 2 comments

A video showing the fast paced gameplay of C&C Reborn

Reborn Teaser 1


A teaser voideo made from the latest internal alpha!

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Speaking about both TS: Reborn and APB, are more bot supported maps possible?

Also are more "intelligent" bots possible?
It has been about 2 years since I've played either one, but the last time I looked at either one; there was one bot map on Tiberian Sun: Reborn that was just a ton of GDI infantry bots outnumbering a few Nod bots right in the Nod base then they would just stand around shooting every nod bot that tried to spawn in...

And in A Path Beyond there was one bot map I think called CamoCanyons, where there were many vehicle and infantry bots on both sides that spawned in random locations and battled in the center between both base...
That was cool and all, but the bot spawning wasn't connected to the base buildings so if you destroyed the soviet War Factory there would still be soviet mammoth tanks and heavy tanks magically spawning in...

Are "Renegade X Style" bots a possibility? bots that start as normal riflemen and have to go to a control Panel to purchase a different class or purchase vehicles and then jump into the vehicle they purchase and drive out to battle? Not bot vehicles that just spawn in a random "away from base" location?

I'm just wondering.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Ever thought about doing this in unreal? Just a thought

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I have a hope devs would answer to this, no trolling.

It would be 10/10 if you could add roleplay moments into this game. Like a useful chat with /emotions, character animations, customization etc?
I just would see it and donate my third kidney for it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
One_Winged_Angel Creator

If there's enough call for it, then it's something we might consider. We've never had an RP community in Reborn so it's never been something we've thought about.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Update? :v

and yes, make bots... try playing this online with 20 kb connection. Not possible.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Awesome work guys! grats! cant wait to play it! will the game have bot support on the release? Thanks

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Brilliant game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I remember this being on the BHP launcher. What happened?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
One_Winged_Angel Creator

The BHP Launcher became the W3D Hub Launcher.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

W3D games on android vote: Goo.gl .

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
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Highest Rated (2 agree) 8/10

Awesome game! i always dreamed about it! but sadly the lack of Offline bots and players to play with online make it not what i should be...
it hope we get AI maps one day so we can enjoy max number bots in maps and big battles, then i will give it 10

Dec 9 2013 by Ahrimansiah


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Discord.gg T.co

Nov 10 2017

Moderation changes, new forum rules, Mafia Hub, and a highlight of @CNCNZcom! Also introducing Tester of the Month! W3dhub.com

Nov 6 2017

Incoming blog update! Several upgrades under the hood and some testing videos! W3dhub.com T.co

Oct 5 2017

Tiberian Sun | Dusk Hour Youtu.be via @YouTube #CnCMusicMonday

Sep 25 2017

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Youtu.be Yakovlev Yak-9P

Sep 20 2017

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Youtu.be Apocalypse Rising Dog Rush

Sep 19 2017

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Youtu.be Apocalypse Rising Test - 09/Sept/17

Sep 19 2017


Aug 18 2017

Imperial Age Warships: Youtu.be via @YouTube

Aug 17 2017

Intel has uncovered more updates on TSR 2.0! A special thanks to Timeaua, alt cameras, new Nod building, and more!… T.co

Jul 28 2017

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