In essence, Tribe of Pok is a tribal survival simulation/strategy game inspired by games such as Dwarf Fortress and the Cultures series. A tribe of hunter-gatherers attempts to eke out an existence in a savage environment. Help them become the most prosperous tribe in the area by constructing the great Megaliths of the Stone Age, building, crafting, hunting and gathering. As you become more prosperous, rival tribes will take notice, not all of which will be homo sapiens!

20160604 Tribe

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Simulated Natural Environment
The natural environment is heavily simulated. Cut down all the trees and eventually they will stop regrowing. Use up all the water in a pond and it will be dry until the rains return.

Camp fire

Day/Night and Seasonal cycle
Winters can be harsh with below-freezing temperatures, so keep the camp fires going to prevent hypothermia. Summers aren't much better, with the possibility of heatwaves causing strokes.

The Circle of Life
Plants absorb organics from the soil as they grow, produce fruit during maturity and return organics upon death. Animals travel in herds around the map trying to fulfill their own needs.

Buffalo migrating20151013MammothVJaguar

Nature is the Ultimate Provider
Almost everything you need will come from nature. Plants are harvested for their produce, animal carcasses are butchered for materials and rocks are broken down to make tools.


Craft the Tools of Survival
Craft spears to defend against wildlife, axes to cut down trees and awls to make clothing. Some tools are even multi-functional. The stone knife speeds up fire creation, but can also be used as a weapon in a pinch.

Crafting Panel

Stop the Decay
Build pits to slow down food decay. Don't place it too close to camp, or the warmth from a campfire will speed up decay. If the pit gets wet, any food inside won't last very long either. It's all part of the deep simulation that drives Tribe Of Pok..


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Tribe Of Pok 1.1


An update has been released with a new Soil Mound building and various other improvements. Here is an example of a way you can use the new Soil Mound to dam a river:


Release 1.10:

  • Added checks against possible cause of idling Pokians stepping on fires
  • Added a Soil Mound building to raise height level of ground using Soil Chunks
  • Greatly reduced bacterial decay rate of Soil Chunk
  • Replaced "Grass" and "Dirt" groundtype with "Soil"
  • Changed carnivores from finding nearest carcass to finding quickest pathable carcass to eat
  • Changed Pokians from finding nearest fire to finding quickest pathable fire to boil water
  • Fixed animal kills statistic displaying wrong filtered value after 9 days
  • Removed animal preference to sleep under a tree instead of a bush
  • Fixed Pokian drinking water from waterskin not showing progress bar
  • Moved all hard-coded object names into data files
  • Moved some hard-coded tool-tips and titles into data files
  • Task material lines now refresh dynamically while task query panel is open
  • Fixed stoke fire task not removed properly when fire is extinguished
  • Make ability only display in query panel if greater than 0
  • Added note to Extract tutorial that it can also be used for obtaining non-plant based food
Tribe Of Pok has just released on Steam!

Tribe Of Pok has just released on Steam!

News 1 comment

Tribe Of Pok Release version 1.00 is out on Steam (and!

Tribe Of Pok Beta 22 and Launch Trailer!

Tribe Of Pok Beta 22 and Launch Trailer!


The game is releasing on Steam on the 23rd August, so we've got the launch trailer and last Beta update here!

Tribe Of Pok Beta 21

Tribe Of Pok Beta 21


This update is quite substantial, lots of changes/additions made to make things clearer for new players. Also included is better task prioritisation...

Tribe Of Pok Beta 20

Tribe Of Pok Beta 20


Steam launch and Release 1.0 on 23rd August! Also some details on the Beta 20 update.

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Tribe Of Pok Alpha 9 Demo

Tribe Of Pok Alpha 9 Demo


Download, unzip and run Pok.exe. A tribal survival simulation/strategy game where you guide a tribe to prosperity through building, crafting, hunting...

Tribe Of Pok Alpha 7 Demo

Tribe Of Pok Alpha 7 Demo

Demo 2 comments

Download, unzip and run Pok.exe. A tribal survival simulation/strategy game about a tribe of hunter-gatherers, known as Pokians, trying to eke out an...

Tribe Of Pok Alpha 5 Demo

Tribe Of Pok Alpha 5 Demo


Download, unzip and run Pok.exe. A tribal survival simulation/strategy game about a tribe of hunter-gatherers, known as Pokians, trying to eke out an...


Hello we will be able to level up civilization? going through the ages change is inevitable. if you do it, its very imporant the mastery of metals that allow the development of superior structures and tools, and allows for a change in the ways society works and its bound. ( ex: the metals allow for greaterer production and dominion of the land, thus making humans more sedentary) Plz make the game more in the lines of Dwarf Fortress the story telling is amazing, but i donĀ“t understant nothing how to play hehe xP. Good Luck friend

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
PokingWaterGames Creator

Hi Drokan, there won't be leveling up of the civilization, it will be only in the Stone Age. The main aim of the game is to increase your prosperity by growing your tribe.

This game is actually inspired by Dwarf Fortress, which is why I have such a heavy focus on simulating the world. I tried to create a world where things can happen e.g rivers can flood in Spring and ruin your food stockpiles if they are in the wrong place. Or freeze in Winter and allow animals to walk across them. It helps to build a story of what your tribe has been through to survive.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Looks really interesting. I will follow you on twitter and try out the alpha as soon as it is aviable.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Love how active you are at updating this!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
PokingWaterGames Creator

Thanks! I've only recently started being more active in posting things, glad it's working well.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Looks interesting.Keeping an eye;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

The game is great but i think u nned to detail that tiles a bit more.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
PokingWaterGames Creator

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, art is definitely not my strong point. I have always made the sprites just "good enough" to show the idea so I can get back to coding, which is the fun part! But I'll work on improving the art now as well, stay tuned.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

All professions look too similar to each other - maybe different outfit colors would help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
PokingWaterGames Creator

Hi, thanks for your comment - those images are actually for the male and female and not related to the role of the person. I briefly considered making the human sprites role-specific but put it on the backburner as a cosmetic change. Although I can see how that would make it easier for tribe management as it would be easier to tell at a glance who does what on the playing map, and will definitely put it in at some stage!

Reply Good karma+4 votes
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