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UnReal World is a combination of roleplaying game and a survival simulation. In a world inspired by iron-age Finland you can track animals, set traps, hunt with bows and spears, tan hides, go fishing, pick berries, cook food, sleep in a temporary shelter or build a log cottage, trade with the villagers, craft items, etc. It has a randomly generated map, skill development and a detailed wounds and combat system. The item crafting is moddable.

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1 comment by sami_maaranen on Jun 30th, 2015

In addition to quests, another big thing that is coming up in the next release is the true modding of items.
Properties of crafted items will be moddable so that truly new items can be created. This applies
to do-it-yourself items (diy_*.txt) and cookery recipes (cookery_*.txt).

Modding item properties will be simple. You just add item property tags and preferred values after the actual crafting code. If you are creating completely new items it's still advisable to use similar vanilla item
as a base item. Item property tags allow you to mod majority of item properties, but vanilla items may
have some fixed values which is why it's important to choose the base item carefully.

Let's take a look at few examples so that you get the idea how things are done:

Here's modding script to create a "Custom javelin" which is based on vanilla Javelin:UnReal World - modding Custom javelin

After the actual crafting code you simply add those new upcoming tags and their values to modify item properties. We'll set point attack to 8, blunt to 2 and disable edge. Weight and price are self-explanatory.
Then we also modify one-handed penalty for our custom javelin to 5%.

Another example, a leather miniskirt... if someone prefers to have
such an anachronistic summer clothing in UnReal World:

UnReal World - item modding, leather miniskirt

We base our miniskirt on vanilla Leather shirt and then modify the coverage so that our new cloth covers only hip & groin.

Vanilla item checks, corrections and additions

Item moddability improvements have also gotten me into checking and adjusting vanilla item properties.

Something new and something corrected is bound to happen for variety of items. Here are some of the recent item changes and additions:

- added: stone knife - a new craftable weapon

It's an awkward knife, but a knife nevertheless. Can be crafted with two rocks.

- adjusted: battleaxe properties

The earlier battleaxe type and its' description and properties were of an anachronistic fantasy weapon.
Several changes have been made and now battleaxe in the game represents a long-shafted viking battleaxe
which were single bladed, carefully balanced and relatively light weapons:

- battleaxes are now lighter than previously, weighing around around 3.5 lbs.
- battleaxes don't have point attack aspect anymore - the earlier fantasy battleaxe had a spike in the head
- long-shafted battleaxes are still two-handed weapons but penalty from one-handed use is now lesser than previously

- added: broad knife is now preferred tool in hideworking

Broad knife is the best and preferred tool in skinning carcasses and cleaning hides. Northern knife, hunting knife and kaumolais knife - in this order - are the second best tools for hideworking jobs.

Badger carcass is to be skinned, preferably with a broad knife. In the lack of the preferred knife, our trusty kaumolais knife is a good substitute:

UnReal World - broad knife is preferred tool in hideworking

Whole lotta property tags

Here's the preliminary list of item property tags you can use in modding items. This is not a complete list of all the tags we're going to have, but a hotlist of the probably most important values we'd like to be able to tweak:

Quote:[NAME:] - item name

[NAME:Weird knife] - the item is called Weird knife in the game. Alternatively, you can still use "Item name"
custom naming within crafted item header.


[TYPE:] - item type

Possible values: weapon / armour / tool / container / skin / food / timber / vehicle / plant / valuable

[TYPE:weapon] - the item is a weapon


[WEIGHT:] - weight in pounds (by default), or in grams if the value is followed by g abbreviation

[WEIGHT:1.5] - the item weighs 1.5 pounds
[WEIGHT:100 g] - the item weighs 100 grams


[CONT_CAPACITY:] - capacity of container type item in pounds

[CONT_CAPACITY:3] - the container can hold 3 lbs of food, liquid etc.


[PRICE:] - price in squirrel hides per item (default) or per pound if the value is followed by 'per lb'

[PRICE:4] - the item costs 4 squirrel hides
[PRICE:0.2] - the item costs 0.2 squirrel hides
[PRICE:1.5 per lb] - one pound of the item costs 1.5 squirrel hides


[BLUNT_ATTACK:] - damage values for weapon attack aspects

possible values: 0-9 or -
numbers define the damage, - means the aspect is not available for the weapon

[BLUNT_ATTACK:-] - thie weapon has 0 edge damage, 2 point damage and doesn't have blunt attack aspect


[MATERIAL:] - of what raw-material the item is made of

This property is not fully functional yet and we'll be featured better in the future. However, it's advisable
to use this tag in your mods already.

possible values: wood / iron / leather / fur / birch-bark / cloth / wool / rock / bone / antler

[MATERIAL:wood] - the item is wooden
[MATERIAL:cloth] - the item is made of some cloth
[MATERIAL:iron] - the item is made of iron


[ARMOUR_MATERIAL:] - material of armour type items. This defines the protection values.

possible values: lamellar / iron / mail / leather / fur / cloth / birch-bark

[ARMOUR_MATERIAL:iron] - the armour is made of iron


[ARMOUR_COVERAGE:] - bodyparts covered by the armour

possible values:
one of these predefined coverage categories:
hauberk / cuirass / overcoat / greaves / rerebraces / vambraces
or any combination of these bodyparts values:
skull / face / neck / shoulder / upper_arm / elbow / forearm / hand /
thorax / abdomen / hip / groin / thigh / knee / calf / foot

[ARMOUR_COVERAGE:overcoat] - the armour has coverage of an overcoat
[ARMOUR_COVERAGE:skull neck shoulder] - the armour covers skull, neck and shoulders


[SKILL:] - skill associated with the item. Only for weapons.

possible value: one of the skills in the game eg. sword,club,bow,crossbow etc.

[SKILL:sword] - the weapon uses SWORD skill


[1H_PENALTY:] - skill penalty from using this weapon one-handed

possible value: 0-50, defaults to 0

[1H_PENALTY:15] - 15% penalty is added when this weapon is used one-handed


[AD_CLASS:] - attack and defense class of the weapon. A/D classification adds related skill bonus when the
weapon is used in attack or defense.

possible value: 0-6/0-6 (both values must be entered at once separated by /)

Default is 0/0. The higher the value the better the weapon performs in attack/defense.

[AD_CLASS:5/0] - the weapon has attack class 5 and no bonus when used in defense
[AD_CLASS:1/4] - the weapon has attack class 1 and defense class 4


[SPOILAGE_DAYS:] - in how many days the food item spoils

possible value: 0-253 (0 means that the item never spoils)

[SPOILAGE_DAYS:5] - the food item will spoil in 5 days


[PROTEIN:] - nutritional values for food items per 100 grams of the food

possible value: 0-99 representing grams of carbohydrates/fat/protein per 100 grams of the food

[CARB:0] - the item contains no carbohydrates
[FAT:4] - the item contains 4 g of fat (per 100 g)
[PROTEIN:12] - the item contains 12 g of protein (per 100 g)

Showing the appreciation

UnReal World is distributed free of charge and survives solely on donations. As a reward and to thank you in return, our characteristic video greetings can be downloaded after placing a donation of any sum.

Our previous video greeting was released recently for everyone:

...and if you'd like to see our fresh video and support the development:

UrW is being developed with your support.This could be a good day to utilize your squirrel hides and

Donate to support UnRel World development

Thank you!

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UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 2 Linux

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 2 Linux

Mar 17, 2015 Full Version 0 comments

Released 17th of March 2015. For 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04. For other distros visit the game official page. Patched version ready to download and install.

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 2 Mac

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 2 Mac

Mar 17, 2015 Full Version 0 comments

Released 17th of March 2015. for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher). Patched version ready to download and install.

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 2 windows

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 2 windows

Mar 17, 2015 Full Version 0 comments

Released 17th of March 2015. For Windows, patched version ready to download and install.

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 1 Linux

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 1 Linux

Jan 14, 2015 Full Version 0 comments

Released 14th of January 2015. For 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04. For other distros visit the game official page. Patched version ready to download and install.

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 1 Mac

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 1 Mac

Jan 14, 2015 Full Version 0 comments

Released 14th of January 2015. for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher). Patched version ready to download and install.

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 1 windows

UnReal World RPG v3.20 patch 1 windows

Jan 14, 2015 Full Version 0 comments

Released 14th of January 2015. For windows, patched version ready to download and install.

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ZemplinTemplar Dec 13 2014, 12:01pm says:

Honestly, this game was a nice surprise when I stumbled upon it. I've yet to play it all that much, but I mostly like what I see. Keep up the effort guys, I've even voted for your little project in the IndieDB Awards. Good luck with continuing the development. :-)

+5 votes     reply to comment
tamponmania Dec 13 2014, 1:06pm replied:

Yea. I hope they will win! This game deserves it(Developers :D )

+1 vote     reply to comment
Santtu0000 Nov 23 2014, 5:56am says:

Finland! Perkele!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Silaith Nov 13 2014, 10:27am says:

Pour les français de passage : UnReal World est un jeu d'une profondeur, et d'une liberté ahurissante. Il n'en existe pas deux comme lui, n'hésitez pas à l'essayer, même si vous êtes frileux avec l'anglais, il mérite largement de s'impliquer un peu pour dépasser la barrière de la langue, surtout que les mécanismes du jeu et les graphismes sont plutôt intuitifs, donc rapidement assimilables (contrairement à un certain Dwarf Fortress). Le jeu est en développement depuis 1992, il est donc largement mûr et complet ! Et toujours en développement. De plus il est gratuit, mais des donations sont possibles (et méritées).

Que demander de plus? :)

UnReal World is a deep, astonishing game. Give it a try ! It's free, with donation at will (largely deserved).

+1 vote     reply to comment
vfabien21 Nov 20 2014, 12:36pm replied:

Tiens, Silaith, si ça t'interesse j'avais commencé une traduction de l'encyclopedie du jeu il y a quelques temps.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Silaith Nov 20 2014, 4:08pm replied:

C'est une bonne initiative, mais je ne vois rien de ta part (lien ou message privé...). Par ailleurs, si tu sais s'il est possible de traduire le jeu je suis volontaire pour t'aider. J'ai participé à celle de Distant Worlds dans l'équipe de Mundus Bellicus.

+1 vote     reply to comment
vfabien21 Nov 21 2014, 3:44am replied:

Ah, effectivement, je n'avais pas le fichier sous la main, donc je ne l'ai pas joints... (Je vais l'exhumer ce week end).

Une partie du jeu peut être traduite, mais pas tout encore. Je vais demander à Sami (le développeur) ce qui peut être fait...

+1 vote     reply to comment
erkka Creator
erkka Sep 16 2014, 4:55pm says:

As you might have noticed, we are on Steam Greenlight. Take a look and cast your vote here: Steamcommunity.com

+2 votes   reply to comment
Silaith Nov 13 2014, 10:52am replied:

I already voted for. :)
If accepted and launched, Steam will keep your game free ?
I wonder also if you plan to integrate the wind, the "smell" for animals in the game ? I find some suggestions about it in the forum, but no clear nor "official" answer.

I quote : "This would drastically change hunting. First, the player wouldn't have to get as close to an animal, since a good archer could shoot a bit beyond his range. Second, it means that sneaking is more important, because animals would be able to sense him from further away and be gone before he even saw them. This would mean wind direction would become important, too; you'd need to be sure that you were approaching from down wind".
The last sentence is exactly my mind ! (from : Z3.invisionfree.com)

+1 vote     reply to comment
erkka Creator
erkka Nov 13 2014, 2:22pm replied:

Pricing of a possible Steam release depends on many things.

Yup, wind direction and effects are planned (and already under early development phase), but it will take time until they are ready to implemented in a release version.

+2 votes   reply to comment
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I am following that game since a few years. And to be honest, it evolved a lot lately (in the good direction) and is always a pleasure to discover what new things have been added after a few calm months. It is one of the most in depth survival games around (not the zombie style, but the one were you are sent into wilderness with nothing but a knife and have to find a way to make your own food, fire, clothes, house...). I love the fact too that it is based on the real finnish medieval era, with an…

Feb 16 2012, 9:34am by vfabien21

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