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The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order is a single-player, medieval-low-fantasy RPG being developed by Epoch Games, utilizing Epic Game's Unreal Engine 4, for Windows PCs. The game will feature an expansive, living world that will evolve and grow by itself, instead of revolving around the player’s actions.
The game is currently planned to be released Chapter by Chapter, with each bringing new regional content and gameplay features.

The World of Althas

As old orders crumble and new powers rise, it is time for you to forge your destiny.
Ever since it's early history, Althas has been a land shaken by conflicts. In the early days, these conflicts pitted the Anointed Kingdoms of Men against dark and demonic forces that threatened them. However, with the passage of time, the world has changed: the Anointed order is eroding away and new powers are rising. Another war looms on the horizon, a war of personal and political motivation. Thenodar, a burgeoning new kingdom in the North, and Anorthile, one of the last of the three remaining Anointed Kingdoms, now prepare for a war that will shake all of Althas. Old demons and new enemies gather in the shadows of both lands as each sets their sights on the ruined wilderness known as the Feralands.

Gameplay Mechanics

There are many features we aim for in The Lays of Althas: SO. The game is in the early stages of development, so many of the features listed below are subject to change:
    • Open World: Adventure on the continent of Althas. A large, open-world awaits the player with full freedom to explore. Regions will be released via Chapters.

    • Deep Lore: The world of Althas has a rich history which is represented throughout the game. Interact with environments, NPCs, and as well as read through in-game books to learn more about the world.

    • Dynamic and Active World: Instead of a world that revolves around the player, we are creating a world where the player must learn to revolve around it. This approach will allow for date-based events to occur in Althas, even if you aren’t around to see them.

    • Adaptive Skill-based Combat: The game aims for a skill-based, first-person, system. Giving the player full control over melee swings and stabs, as well as engaging ranged combat and stealth.

    • Magic: Magic is a rare ability that the player will have to work hard to unlock in the Sundered Order period of Althas. When utilized correctly, it possesses a myriad of usages that can be extremely beneficial.

    • Dynamic Factions and Wars: Factions will make decisions and go to war with each other. Battles happen dynamically, according to the timeline and based on causes-and-effects within the game.

Epoch Games

The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order is being developed by Epoch Games, an all-volunteer group from all across the world. We are dedicated to making this game as great as possible, and to make Althas a truly epic RPG experience. Being volunteers, we’re doing this for free - our motivation comes from our desire to create great games. Members of Epoch Games hail from all over the world; we are an international group, with members from the Americas, Europe, and Asia, all working together online to bring you the best game experience we can. Visit our DB page.
For more news and discussion, please visit our official forums. If you're interested in joining the Epoch Games team, please post a thread in our Applications subforum. Can't contribute the time required for such a position? We are also allowing fans to help us in the game's development: you can become a contributor by going to the Public Claims subforum and claiming an open assignment. No help is too small!

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3 months ago News 5 comments Report

Hey Althas Fans. It has certainly been awhile since we’ve done one of these, but we are proud to present our first set of screenshots in Unreal Engine 4: a brief walk through Faesholt, a forest in northeastern Thenodar.

Faesholt Forest

Bordrand slowly walked through the forest, the small leather-wrapped parcel still in his hand, as he tried to gather his thoughts and steady himself. He had long found solace under the eaves of Faesholt, the forest he had walked and known since his childhood. He remembered in the warm, peaceful days of his youth, the times he had spent with his brother Cédrisc wandering under the shade of the evergreen oaks. He remembered the time he had spent walking its paths during the long night watches, learning that the shadows of the forest were the friend of both his allies and his enemies.

Faesholt Forest

But on the whole Faesholt had been the source of life and livelihood for his family and his home, the town of Bordrima. The strong wood of the trees had furnished them with strong materials for building and valuable goods to trade. The forest had also sheltered them, acting as their eastern wall against their enemies. In the forest his family had also found great blessings. It was here Cédrisc found Morgen, his wife, a joy in his brother’s life matched only by the birth of their daughter, Selen.

Faesholt Forest

But the forest had at times brought danger as well. As Thenodar had grown to the south, Clan Wulfas had spread its influence into the forest, it’s scouts and raiders stealthily prowling under its branches. It was here that he was ultimately driven to leave his family, to journey south to fight in the wars. And now he was back, drawn home once again by events in the forest.

Faesholt Forest

Bordrand looked up at the eaves, the late afternoon sunlight filtering through the green leaves, a sight that was in conflict with the cool winds of autumn. The forest had taken as much life as it had given. It had given his family great wealth, and yet also cost them dearly. But through it all the forest remained changeless, it’s evergreen leaves persisting through fall and winter, through war and peace.

As his mind lingered on the losses of the last few years, he gripped tighter the parcel he held in his hand. He unwrapped it and looked down at a brooch of gold shaped in a four pointed star, a glimmering red sunstone set in the center. For a moment he stood there, the cool breeze whispering among the trees around him. Should he tell her? Was she ready to know?

In other news, we are doing a weekly blog series on our main website, which will be small informal updates: from concept art, to 3D models and animations, and even writing. Don’t worry, we will still post our big updates here on IndieDb, but if you’re dying to keep up with development, we recommend you keep an eye out over there.

The Epoch Games Team

The Hawk and the Stone: Chapter 1

The Hawk and the Stone: Chapter 1

9 months ago News 6 comments Report

The first chapter of the short story series "The Hawk and the Stone".

Meet the Team: 3D Modelers

Meet the Team: 3D Modelers

1 year ago News 8 comments Report

The fourth installment in the "Meet the Team" series where we'll be introducing you to the Epoch Games team. Today we'll be meeting the four modelers...

Althas is Upgrading Engines!

Althas is Upgrading Engines!

1 year ago News 15 comments Report

In this week's update, we'll be announcing to you(our beloved fans) the successful switch over to the new engine. The progress since the switch, and what...

Meet the Team: Concept Art - Part 2

Meet the Team: Concept Art - Part 2

1 year ago News 8 comments Report

The third installment in the "Meet the Team" series where we'll be introducing you to the Epoch Games team. This week we'll be meeting the remaining five...

Even in its early days, Althas has been a land shaken by conflicts. In the early days, these conflicts pitted the Anointed Kingdoms of Men against the dark and demonic forces that threatened them. However, with the passage of time the world has changed...
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The Hawk and the Stone: Chapter 1

The Hawk and the Stone: Chapter 1

9 months ago Other 0 comments

This is the first chapter of "The Hawk and the Stone" in a .pdf file. Download and you can open it with e-reader apps like the Kindle app and of course...

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bjenner Oct 6 2015 says:

Hows it going guys!

+1 vote     reply to comment
HannesFury Aug 21 2015 says:

Great job so far, look forward to seeing this take form.

+1 vote     reply to comment
lnsanity Aug 22 2015 replied:

Thank you, and so do we!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Aug 21 2015 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

lnsanity Aug 22 2015 replied:

Unfortunately not. Our team is made up of volunteers, and as such are not being paid to work on this full-time. This means that our progress may be much slower and less stable than a proper triple-A studio, and it's hard to tell how long the full game might take to come out.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gandorf Aug 4 2015 says:

Will there be any great warriors of godlike proportion like in Greek mythology like Hector, Achilles, Theseus, Ajax, and Odysseus and Hercules? Like warriors that have reputation that proceeds them.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Nuvendil Creator
Nuvendil Aug 4 2015 replied:

The Anointed Kings are quite powerful. As are some other groups. Warriors besides those will exist, some in the military and others out and about. Astyran, King of Thenodar, and his general, Heoru, are good examples.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Gandorf Aug 5 2015 replied:

How powerful are they?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuvendil Creator
Nuvendil Aug 14 2015 replied:

Quite powerful. Astyran and his six companions took down a Helruna at Arisan. A Helruna is a very large and powerful amphibious beast of the sea. It attacked and caused massive damage to Muthrand and Arisan before being taken down so yeah, it's a nasty beast. That's why he is known as Astyran Bealdor, which is to say "hero" or "victor." He was also the only of the seven to survive the battle.

Other people of comparable skill would be King Falos II and the other Anointed Kings. Heofon, the leader of the Ordas (or Vanguard, the major authority in magic) is also extremely powerful, one of the most powerful individuals in Althas. Outside Althas are some even more powerful people and beings. There's also the Four Guardians (a temporary name) which are four angelic-like beings that watch over Magic. These four are obviously more powerful than any man.

Then there are other people not on those levels but still quite fierce. The Vasomi are the scholarly warriors of the Temple and Academy and are among the most skilled warriors in the world. The captains and chieftains of the Somstrynd Clans are also very dangerous warriors. Ardor Manfell of the Forsaken Strand is a similarly deadly chieftain.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Gandorf Aug 19 2015 replied:

Will each of the Annointed Kings have their own combat styles? Will the combat system consist of different styles of combat?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gandorf Aug 18 2015 replied:

How accessible will these characters mentioned be to the player? Would the player stand a chance in battle?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuvendil Creator
Nuvendil Aug 18 2015 replied:

Would depend on a lot of factors. For Astyran, Falos (and the other Anointed), and Heofon, you would be very, very hard pressed even at your strongest to keep up. And the Guardians are even more powerful than that.

But as for other powerful warriors - the Helms of the Somstrynd, the Vasomi, Ardor, etc - they are more within reach. In fact, you can join the Vasomi if you are skilled enough.

So yeah, there's a range to it. Some would be almost impossible to stand up to while others are a bit more comparable to the player's potential strength.

+1 vote   reply to comment
ElfFriend Aug 19 2015 replied:

Regardless of how strong they are I hope (and knowing you guys, expect) that they aren't going to be immortal like essential NPCs are in Skyrim.

Instead I presume that we will be able to kill those NPCs but we will just have to show up with an insane amount of consumables, be incredibly skilled, have a really high level character and be in the right place at the right time to eventually put them down. Also by the right place at the right time I mean that it would be more difficult to kill an Anointed in their throne room than say during the night when they go to the bathroom. (Intended GoT reference :P)

Anyways you guys no doubt already have a tonne of ideas on how to make these guys awesome and I can't wait to see them in game.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuvendil Creator
Nuvendil Aug 21 2015 replied:

Well consumables in Althas won't be able to be taken at any old time; game won't just let you freeze time and down potions. And the vast majority won't heal you instantly either. It would take a lot of planning and a good healthy dose of luck to take down the strongest such as Astyran, Falos, and especially Heofon due to their nature. In the case of Astyran and Falos, they are just that strong and fast. In the case of Heofon, he's one of the most powerful magic users in all of Althas (which means if you aren't a magic user you would need certain items to even last a minute against him). But no, they won't be technically immortal. Immortal NPCs will be very few and all of them for lore reasons. The Guardians are, obviously, true immortals; they can't be killed, only wounded. Stuff like that. The rest of these powerful beings won't be immortal just very difficult (and quite impractical) to kill.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Gandorf Aug 28 2015 replied:

Who is the most powerful being in all of Althas?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuvendil Creator
Nuvendil Aug 30 2015 replied:

Hmmm. Counting the Guardians would mean them. But not counting them...hmmm. It would be tough to say. Heofon is probably a safe bet.

Now outside the continent of Althas there are some even more powerful beings I'm not going name here. Can't give away everything ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Gandorf Aug 30 2015 replied:

Where in Althas is Heofron located?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuvendil Creator
Nuvendil Sep 3 2015 replied:

He leads the Vangaurd/Ordas. So he would be in the Feralands, at the Vanguard strong hold of Hedansael. The Magic posts in the News section talk about the Vanguard a bit.

+1 vote   reply to comment
ElfFriend Aug 22 2015 replied:

I actually quite liked the planning system in the witcher where you had to be prepared for a fight before the fight but I wasn't expecting it to be all that used anymore. After all tw3 changed to a more flexible and quick system which could be used during battle. A horrible choice IMO since the lore of the series indicates that Geralt has to prepare prior to a fight.

Otherwise I like that although they will for the most part be defeatable they won't be practical to kill and that will be the deterrence used to keep normal players from killing them.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ElfFriend Aug 6 2015 replied:

Belisarius level? XD

On a more serious note I would expect them to still be "morals" since LoA seems to be set in a fairly low fantasy setting. Anyways an actual dev will likely offer a much more detailed answer.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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