What is Leap of Champions

Leap of Champions is an FPS arena shooter, developed by LEAF games & software. The game combines the speed, the precision and the mechanics of a 90s shooter with Sci-Fi graphics. Leap of Champion will be available on PC.

The game will stay true to the core Arena FPS features that all fans of the genre love. All players are equal. Put in the field strategy, ability, adrenaline, tension and reflexes. Train yourself, harvest lives on lives, climb the ranking and face the best champions.

We love the idea of a game connecting players all over the world like Unreal Tournament and Doom have made during the years.

You will play deep in a Sci-Fi atmosphere abstracted from real-life locations. The fastness of the action will elevate your heart rate because Leap of Champions grants high mobility.


- Fast movement
- Super jumps
- One weapon and six possible evolutions
- Semi-automatic regeneration
- All players have the same technology
- Character customization is of cosmetic nature only
- Rooms for up to 10 players
- Ritual: a unique multiplayer game mode

Speed precision and gameplay fr

Leap of Champions provides a fast and smart environment for all gamers where it’s possible to quickly jump into the game, without having to wait.

Wipe out your opponent through hyper jumps and powerful weapons. You will be pushed to your limits in a range of rich and various environments for a truly satisfying game experience based only on your skills. Your health will partially regenerate itself and health packs will be available inside the maps.

In Leap of Champions newcomers and hardcore Arena FPS veterans can enjoy the most thanks to the matchmaking system we have implemented. The match will be generated on the basis of rank points accumulated by the players. We believe that this is the only way to avoid overkilling newbies by veterans.

Game after game, climbing the ranks, you will have the opportunity to face players the same level of experience, so that everyone is assured a fun and satisfying gaming experience.

Ritual a sacred multiplayer game

Unleash your primal instincts in the classic FPS game modes, such as Free for all and Deatmatch team, and in the Ritual.

In this unique and spectacular multiplayer mode, the player, solo or in team, must to complete a minimum number of kills to charge a bar. Once the upload is complete, the Altar in the map will be activated and the accumulated energy will have to be released as sacrifice to complete and win the game.

The tournament is the first step

The tournament is only the first step. Periodically, we intend to organize seasonal championships, associated, on rotation, to each game mode.


Year unknown. The technology has reached unexpected levels around the world, starting from the main countries leading in the industry and spreading slowly on a large scale. The dependence on technology, however, have led people to deprive themselves of their deepest emotions, sacrificing humanity to order and discipline.

The last bastion of human instincts, where feelings and emotion can run free and explodes, is the tournament of Leap of Champions. Gradually, all sports have gone to disappear, Leap of Champions, flowing between real and virtual, is the only one survived.

Whenever the League transmits a match, everybody tunes their personal viewer on it.

Everything revolves around the figure of the Champion: a professional fighter endowed of particular hyper-technological weapons and special suit equipped with rockets to speed up running or increase the high of jumps.

The Champions are viewed with a veiled sense of veneration by common people and they have the highest social prestige. Everyone knows the Champions, everyone want to be a Champion, the only individuals free from social chains.

The maps

In a world where the League of Champions dominates, nothing is impossible.

Leap of Champions Arenas are non-places where the Champions fight to have a chance to climb the world rankings and emerge from anonymity.

The maps are designed with an infinite love for details but with playability in mind. Optimized to assure the fastness required by an FPS arena shooter, they are designed with a low counts of polygons to achieve a late-PS3 quality without compromising the smoothness of the game.

The weapons

The weapons are designed around providing different tactics. Coherently to the genre, the powerups will be available inside the map, but it will not be a gun exchange: the Gun of Champion will evolve itself.

Nowadays we have designed six weapon (Gun of Champions, Tesler, Splinterator, Deathlock, Powersteam, Washout), and each one of them can evolve itself after a minimum number of kills.

The armors

Get ready to enter the arena of Leap of Champions: you can customize the glow of your battlesuit and wear one of the unlockable armors before picking up your basic equipment: the Gun of Champions, the Tesler, and two grenades.

The battlesuit is specifically designed to maximize the agility of movements. It is equipped with retrorockets capable of allowing high but controlled jumps. It seems like a simple sports uniform, but, due to its mobility, it can become your main defensive resource cause it also provides you a high level of protection.

It’s possible to improve the aesthetic of the armors with in-game currency and unlocking cosmetic only collectible climbing the global rank. Nowadays, we have designed the battlesuit and three more sets (Kickstarter Backer Shell, Ritual Armor, Washout Armor), but we are working on a lot of other armors.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7 or higher, Quad-core 3,90 GHz; 8 GB ram; GeForce GTX 960; 4 GB disk space; Internet access required

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Hi Champions!

Our latest news was about Crystal War Arena graphics improvement and about getting ready the Ritual to release as soon as possible the pre-alpha version of Leap of Champions.

What we needed, before going on, was to test again the game with people who didn’t ever played with our game to understand if the changes we made would have modified the gameplay and, mainly, if the players would have liked the game.

To do that, there was no better way than gather friends and fans together and set up a testing party. In this post we will talk about this amazing experience.

Despite we had arranged the meeting for a Saturday morning, we had a large participation. We want to thank again all the friends who joined us and the amazing Netvana staff who has been really kind with us. If you will ever come in Rome and you will want to play video games somewhere, you should go there.

With our pleasure, we saw that all the gamers liked the Crystal War Arena new look, so as they liked the Ritual in its first “public appearance”. Every time we see people playing our game, it’s a beautiful emotion for us and now we can’t really wait to let you all see Leap of Champions.

Besides the compliments, the test highlighted some problems we are solving and which helped us to decide a road map of priorities.

We found some bugs in the animations, we still have to fix the lights and the post processing effects and, finally, we have to perfect the balance of the weapons, mainly the Whashout, and the crosshairs sensitivity.

Speaking of fights, during the testing session, we have reopened the discussion on the automatic regeneration. We have noticed that the players are divided on this theme. Some of them suggested to come back to the tradition of arena FPS also in the management of health and to replace automatic regeneration with health packs.

The main motivation, for a gamer, is definitely subjective, but beyond personal tastes. a key strategic point such as health can completely change the way a game feels and is played. We was intrigued by this debate so we tried to create a poll on socials and forums to enlarge the discussion.

The majority of people opted for the health pack and we decided to listen to them because, as we said lot of times, we are developing a game for the gamers. We agreed that to be forced to find health packs on the map forces the player to better plan their assaults and to worry about the possibility to miss the health pack in the moment of the need and find the better place in the map where to hide. Furthermore, changing the regeneration system allow us to give more relevance to mid-range and medium damage weapons and rises the average difficulty of the game encouraging a more strategic approach because the player has to own its mistakes.

Still, we did not want to change too much the core of our game. We designed a fast-paced game to let people play hard so we tried to graduate from an automatic health regeneration system to a more static health pack system implementing a semi-automatic health regeneration system.

This week the programming team will work on this and, together with the art team, on the optimization of the models, in order to reduce the number of the draw calls.

Lot of design and programming work, but, don’t worry, the art team doesn’t have left us without an eye candy. What do you think about this new skin concept?

Don’t forget to vote us on Steam Greenlight!


Leap of Champions Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns, graphical improvements and Ritual first look

Leap of Champions Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns, graphical improvements and Ritual first look


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Running towards Kickstarter: exhibitions, Thunderclap and improvements.

Running towards Kickstarter: exhibitions, Thunderclap and improvements.


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 UI Design: immersive and functionality in Leap of Champions

UI Design: immersive and functionality in Leap of Champions


User Interface (UI) scenario in is an evolving one. Innovation is possible and often necessary in a digital world in constant expansion where players...

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