A Turn based strategy/Tower defense/Empire management hybrid, with a black humor infused plot, set in a grim, disillusioned world.



Empire In Ruins
presents a new take at strategy by merging the Tower Defense genre's detailed, recognizable gameplay with elements of Turn-Based Empire Management, in a hybrid never before seen.

Conquer, build, defend and lead Sgt. Hans Heimer in his own personal vendetta against everybody and everything.


  • Plot driven campaign - betrayals, diplomacy and nasty twists
  • Turn based strategy - quell the rebellion, kick back the enemy and restore the law.
  • Empire management - conquer back the provinces, strengthen your command, chose your best governors and grant your military campaign a steady flow of resources
  • Tower defense-based combat - fight your battles in a new, advanced tower defense style that winks at advanced real time strategy
  • Dark humor, dark humor everywhere! - Don't smile, it's punishable.

What sets Empires in Ruins' gameplay apart from other games is the fusing of the Turn based strategy & Empire Management components (Main Map & Research) along with Tower Defense enriched mechanics (Combat maps)




Combat Maps Features

  • Erect your buildings in real time and avoid having your workers killed if they walk the wrong path
  • 17 towers with unique special abilities and feats and 5 additional buildings
  • In battle resources management
  • Combine the special abilities of your towers to obtain even deadlier effects (Ever tried a flaming arrow on an oil covered enemy?)
  • Manage multiple resources, productive and special buildings
  • Deploy heroes to command and enhance your towers
  • Beware of nasty, canny enemies. They will open new unexpected paths, sabotage your towers, blow your production and get through your defenses in surprising ways.
  • Ground, air, water, amphibian and secret enemies paths to defend against.

Empires in Ruins
main map is based on turn based strategy and empire management gameplay.
The whole plot-driven campaign will be managed through here. From the main map you will access the single combat maps (according to the plot flow or in order to defend/replay maps), manage diplomacy and access regions to improve or study their assets.


Strategic features

  • Expand, fortify and expand further taking advantage of the conquered regions reach and infrastructures
  • Improve the regions' production, increase the flow of resources to fund your brutal military campaign. Don't expect much help from above.
  • Handle diplomacy - Like a bull in a china shop
  • Assign trusted men to govern the regions. Beware of betrayals.
  • Manage research - More than 100 technologies to research and implement in your war
  • Each decision you take will influence the course of the story

Zoom 1

Few things make progression in a game as interesting as unlocking new technologies to empower your troops, weapons and economies.

Each owned region of the main map, according to its assets (libraries, blacksmiths, etc),produces every turn a certain amount of research points that are used to unlock the technology you'll need.

We’re working hard on making the system as easy to understand as possible, with the automated queuing of the requirement needed to reach the technology you want, tooltips and visual feedback to never run the risk of confusion.

Mirroring modern day society, Empires in Ruins settings dwell in corruption, betrayals and vices of the seeming noble societies. Under the gilded plating, the only truth that remains, are the Ruins.

What begins as a simple uproar in the western peripheral regions of the Principality of Koth, might in truth hide far more dangerous realities. Who's really behind the rebellion of the poor sods of the Western Marches? Who in their right mind would choose an unruly soul like Sgt. Heimer for this campaign?


If you like what you saw so far, you can reach for us, and take a look at the past, present and future progress of Empires in Ruins on the following places:
H&R Official Website : Hammerandravens.com
H&R Twitter Page (@Ham_Rav) : Twitter.com
Empires in Ruins Twitter Page (@EiR_TD) : Twitter.com
Empires in Ruins FB Page : Facebook.com

Thanks for reading till here, we really appreciate it. Empires in Ruins is also live on Steam Greenlight. If you think it that what we are doing is worth the effort we are putting into it, please give us a yes vote to help us moving on further!

Cheers, H&R

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Empires in Ruins is not about shiny heroes and well trained armies, that we already made it clear.
It's more about a motley underdog armee captained by a grumpy alcoholic sergeant with serious social issues.

That said, it should be easy to understand why Morale can be a determining factor for the success of your military campaign. Tilting the delicate balance of your men's mood is going to be extremely easy, and it can either have positive or disastrous effects. Let us then take a look at Morale, a statistics shared by your towers and by your soldiers



Morale (Min 0%, Max 100%)

In game effects :

  • For each point above 50% there is a 0.5% chance of causing double damage
  • For each point below 50% there is a 0.5% chance of causing half damage
  • Morale is also used to try and resist morale-based powers like the Provoker's ones. A percentage check is run against the tower morale, and if failed, the power succeeds to hit the tower.

Default values :

  • Value for base towers: 50/100
  • Value for intermediate towers: 60/100
  • Value for advanced towers: 70/100
  • Value for soldiers: 40/100


Modifiers :

  • Damaged tower -25%
  • Tower in ruins in sight -15%
  • Witch Aura of Despair -20%
  • Battle modifiers -15% to +15%
  • Heimer's Leadership value 0% to +25% (Only if Heimer is in the attacking province)
  • Officers 0% to +15%
  • Temple Aura +10% to +25%



Specials :

  • The tower ability "Iron Discipline" makes the tower immune to negative Morale modifiers and to Morale based powers.
  • The Temple power "Thou Shalt No!"t makes the allies in the area immune to Morale based powers.


Why did we design it so in terms of mechanics? Well, easily said. We want something that has quite a strong influence in the game, that adds a very minor touch of randomness without requiring micromanagement, but still controllable by the player. How controllable? Well, you see the modifiers, plan a battle well ahead, and you will receive positive modifiers. Meaning that the randomness will, in the worst case do nothing, and best case give you an advantage. Plan it badly and you will have to expect potential issues due to low morale. Simple as that! See you soon,

Emiliano, H&R

A tower defense with a 4X twist

A tower defense with a 4X twist

News 2 comments

Up until now, I guess it was not completely clear how 4X and Empire Management bind with the Tower Defense gameplay. Now let us go down to the specific...

H&R - Empires in Ruins Team

H&R - Empires in Ruins Team


I think the beauty of seeing indie studios making games that we like is the fact that "damn, those are people like us, it could be us doing that!".

Early beta testing round - Post Mortem

Early beta testing round - Post Mortem

News 4 comments

So, our first closed beta testing round just closed. A few feedback are still slowly coming, but here’s why we are satisfied. Not just satisfied about...

Magic among the ruins

Magic among the ruins


And here we go, it was time for some Magic in the battlefield of Empires in Ruins!

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EmpiresInRuins - Combat map alpha - Windows build

EmpiresInRuins - Combat map alpha - Windows build

Demo 11 comments

Empires in Ruins Tower Defence combat map alpha. Windows 7 build. (other builds can be made available on request). Survive the waves of sneaky enemies...

H&R 1920x1080 Wallpaper - Burn

H&R 1920x1080 Wallpaper - Burn

Wallpapers 1 comment

1920x1080 Burning High Res Hammer&Ravens; Wallpaper

H&R 1920x1080 Wallpaper

H&R 1920x1080 Wallpaper


Hammer&Ravens; Studio 1920x1080 free high res wallpaper

Empires in Ruins - First Wallpaper

Empires in Ruins - First Wallpaper


1600x1200 and 1920x1080 resolution wallpapers featuring the Bandit


Hey there!
Cool game, like the ide, I did a commentary gameplay on it.
Overall it is a really cool game! Keep up the good work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
drHogan Creator

Hi mate, i just sent you a PM;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Look great! ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
drHogan Creator

thanks SenSei!!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I saw some of your screenshots on Twitter and was drawn here - absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the snowy mountains with the clouds passing by. Maybe the settlements could use a visual upgrade - it does look picturesque, but next to the snowy mountains it stands no chance!

I haven't played your demo yet, will check it out when I get some free time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
drHogan Creator

hi mate, first of all thanks for the kind words! we are right now working on the settlements look indeed. the thing is, we want them to look sharp, but also to look old and falling apart to give the idea of the poor region where the campaign takes place. As for the demo, i would suggest waiting as it is a very old alpha with only the a single prototype combat map. given some weeks, we should start with a closed round of beta if you are interested.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Really nice how you were able to add so many customizable components to the towers.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Damn, looks really cool :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
drHogan Creator

Thanks Angel!!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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In it's fully punch-packed glory, meet your deadliest admiral ship: the Bombardier! #indiedev #gamedev #indiegameT.co

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RT @EiR_TD: June 2012, this is how Empires in Ruins looked like :D #indiedev #gamedev #mondaymotivation T.co

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June 2012, this is how Empires in Ruins looked like :D #indiedev #gamedev #mondaymotivation T.co

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RT @EiR_TD: I am telling you, this bug is visually interesting :D That was supposed to be a little bomb dropped on a target.… T.co

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I am telling you, this bug is visually interesting :D That was supposed to be a little bomb dropped on a target.… T.co

Feb 26 2017 by eir_td

RT @EiR_TD: A bomb from the balloon just went rogue and nuked half the map. Interesting bug. #indiedev #gamedev #towerdefense T.co

Feb 26 2017 by eir_td

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