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Bushido: Legend of the Samurai is a Multiplayer Melee Combat game set during during the turbulent feudal period of medieval Japan.

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Gauntlets Aug 24 2013 says:

"Such a weapon may negatively effect your honor."

As I was hoping it would.

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sam.ibbitson Creator
sam.ibbitson Aug 24 2013 replied:

Stay tuned for our news post tomorrow Gauntlets- we'll be revealing some more details on our unique honor system and how different weapons or actions can have a negative/positive impact.

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DELTA38g Aug 24 2013 replied:

Yes, this is great indeed.

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MGreg Aug 24 2013 says:

Well i have to say it looks awesome and is a great addition since crossbows and javelins are going to miss ,because they where not regularly used in Japan but i wonder how it will work?What i mean is,for the bow you just have to account for the drop by using the right elevation (since there is not in-game wind) but those guns are incredibly inaccurate and the bullet can go all over the place.So is it going to work like muskets work in mount and blade warband with a general area where the bullet might go?
Also i don't thing having negative honour for this weapon is a good idea since they will be heavily inaccurate don't have a big effective range and are going to be really slow to reload(also i would love to see that animation,lighting the fuse pouring the powder ramming the bullet to the barrel using the equipment,haven't seen the complete process in any game)and even if it is a one hit kill still it has many drawbacks the only way to be effective with this is to form lines of matchlock men like in real life which won't happen(on mount and blade napoleontic wars it happens because everyone carries a gun but in this game it won't happen)so no need to downgrade them more because people wont use them.Also during Sengoku jidai it was't that much of a taboo since they had war for 100 years and they would use everything they could to win (most of the clans).It later became a taboo because it was also a western weapon.

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Guest Aug 25 2013 replied:

Pulling a knife out in a fist fight shouldn't be dishonourable because you could slip and stab yourself....

Jokes aside any weapon that requires luck and distance would be seen as dishonourable since anyone could do it. Whilst many clans did opt for matchlocks and cannons they didn't choose them because they were honourable but because it gave the advantage over the enemy. Many people from the Samurai class seen people using the technology as cowards since they were not man enough to fight in danger. Previously every body could fight each other fairly including archers. Archers would have a very hard time fighting Samurai of decent armour so they usually went for the weaker units such as the foot soldiers and enemy archers. When guns came into fashion they beat everything including the best armoured most skilled samurai in just a single shot. Just like Ninja's they were considered cowardly and sneaky thus why you may earn ninja armour through being dishonourable.

You may remember if you ever played Mount and blade warband that there was a gun that was in the game and modders and server owners could bring it out and hide it in maps for example. When this was found you had the occasional person running around shooting which would result in instant kills and bypassing all armour and shields. If you were part of the game you would see how unfair it was and I can guarantee that you will hate matchlock users in Bushido as well.

Imagine last team standing and 1 matchlock user remains and you as a fully armoured Samurai go running at him and he shoots you and instant kills you within the last 3 meters. Dodging a bullet is a lot harder than an arrow..

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Guest Aug 26 2013 replied:

Honour is not relative to weapon effectiveness. If that was the case then every weapon could be considered dishonourable however knifes and guns could be considered the most honourable...

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Kill3rCat Aug 25 2013 says:

So beautiful...! But I want to be honourable! xD

Will it be possible to use this gun but still have high honour, by counteracting the negative honour 'points' by being extremely honourable in other scenarios?

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vol4ok Aug 25 2013 replied:

1.Fight fair
2.Don't be a bitch

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Kieran88 Author
Kieran88 Aug 25 2013 replied:

And yeah we're still working on how this will effect honor points, but you should be able to counter your dishonor points by making up for it in other ways.

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Guest Aug 26 2013 replied:

Shooting other matchlock men could be honourable :D Team or not

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The Tanegashima was a type of matchlock firearm introduced to Japan through the Portuguese in 1543.Tanegashima were used by the samurai class and their foot soldiers and within a few years the introduction of the tanegashima in battle changed the way war was fought in Japan forever.

In Bushido: The Tanegashima will feature an incredibly slow reload rate but high damage output this weapon is an alternative rather than a replacement to the Yumi (Bow).

Such a weapon may negatively effect your honor.

Aug 24th, 2013
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