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Post tutorial RSS Where to start making an Amnesia Custom Story (Basic)

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you people with CS ideas how to make them a reality.

Posted by on - Basic Level Design/Theory

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you people with ideas for Custom Stories and/ or Full Conversion mods where to start. First off, you need to download the HPL2 engine here: Wiki.frictionalgames.com Then, after you have downloaded the HPL2 engine, I would suggest you read some basic development articles. After you get done learning how to properly edit, you should start up the HPL2 engine and (assuming you already have an idea for a Custom Story) start mapping.

1. Download HPL2 engine here: Wiki.frictionalgames.com
2. Read some basic development articles here:
Development Environment: Wiki.frictionalgames.com
Scripting: Wiki.frictionalgames.com
Engine Scripts: Wiki.frictionalgames.com
Tutorials on HPL2 Level Editor: Wiki.frictionalgames.com
Wrapping up your CS: Wiki.frictionalgames.com

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