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This tutorial will teach you the game's controls and how to play it properly

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basic controls :
wasd to move
backspace to enter adrenaline mode
mouse 1 fire, mouse 2 aim
1,2,3,4 to change items
c to crouch
b to enter inventory and build mode
press the key of what you want to build to make it spawn
k, l to rotate the spawned object
left, right, up and down arrow to move the spawned object
enter to place them
click the drivers door of a vehicle to get in
exit vehicle with Tab

how to survive
find meat,water and medicine
if any of them reach zero you are dead
click on the kitchen to cook the meat ang get more nutrition


I find the concept very interesting, but from the above does it mean if the medicine reaches zero I will die? For food and water I can understand, but it's a bit weird for medicine? Unless medicine = health?

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frozenstudios Author

medicine is health

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