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Will You Snail, an unconventional platformer about outsmarting a talkative AI, dropped its first official gameplay trailer, announcing its release for 2021.

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Will You Snail? - New Trailer

Will You Snail is an unconventional platformer about outsmarting a talkative AI. The game just got it's first official gameplay trailer announcing it's release for 2021.

The development started in March of 2018. I wanted to make a small rage game to see if I could make it go viral and have a bunch of content creators scream at it. That’s why I came up with the most annoying mechanic I could possibly think of, where a prediction algorithm predicts your next moves ahead of time and spawns traps right where you are about to go. To my surprise, the interactions with the AI (if you can call it that) were way more fun than I thought, so I kept expanding on the concept, eventually deciding to turn it into a full-on commercial release.

You play as a snail going up against an evil AI called Squid, who tries to predict your movement and places traps in real-time in order to stop you. Uncover the dark secrets of the simulation and jump your way through a short yet unique experience about artificial intelligence and the future of humanity.


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