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Quick update on the development of House Delivery.

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Welcome to another weekly update everyone, this week we have a cople more mechanics and concepts to show you.

It was a busier week for everyone so we coouldnt focus as much on the game as last week, which is also why we only made this post this monday instead of saturday as usual.

On the Design/Management of the game we had a meeting and we reworked the scope of the game and decided that due to the time we realistcly have to wrap up a vertical slice to deliver as a project we had to take out some stuff out of the July release of the game, although we tried to make sure it wouldn't negatively affect the game but instead help us make sure we can deliver a more polished and fun experience instead of a half finished game that we wouldn't be proud of. This doesnt mean we wont be making more content in the future, it means that if we are proud of the result of the vertical slice we release in July, we most likely will continue working on the game to deliver a complete experience. So we will aiming to deliver a vertical slice with 2 levels so everyone can try out the game.

About the game mechanics we have fnished the pickup mechanic and we're finishing up the throw, which as you guys can see below might still need some slight tweaks :D

On then Art side of the game we have continued working on concepts for some more objects that will be placed on the level, some just as furniture and others that are more fragile that the players will have to try to save during the hazardous trip to their new houses location.

tv concepts


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