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We go in depth about what is coming to Labyrinth!!

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Labyrinth is in the running for Indie of the Year at IndieDB and needs your vote!

Click and vote for Labyrinth! Indiedb.com

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Over the last week our team has been working hard on the things for Labyrinth, below is a brief list of what we have done.

  • The Engineering Team worked on Migration testing; Battle Resume; Rewards for League entry; Raid Manager; Casual Matchmaking; Tool Tip and Tutorial Polish; Steam Purchasing.
  • The Design Team worked on Defense Tutorial; Boss Cards; Reaction field; Card visuals; Bushwhacker AI; Defense Tutorial Boss leveling.
  • The Art Team worked on Boss display pedestal; Flayed Hunter; Pack opening revisions; Conversation sketches; Pack opening key exploding gfx; Skinning Venom Fang Queen; Centurion 2; Concept art; Minotaur Death; Flayed Hunter.
  • The Audio Team worked on Shield Runner voice over; Storm Caller, and Lifespark FX; Doomsday Explosion, and Endurance Totem FX; summon mech, summon spirit, Aspect of Serpent FX; Doomsday ambiance.

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Upcoming Major Update Features

This is what we are working on for the upcoming update. Some of these features may or may not make the final cut.

Removed option to skip tutorial at the very start of the game
Defense Tutorial which starts once a hero reaches level 5
In Causal mode, players matched with prebuilt boss decks until a hero

  • reaches level 5, then matched with real players
  • Reworked Defense screen art
  • Added the Priestess of the Sun boss
  • Added and modified cards and characters, adding art in many cases
  • Rebalanced bosses, heroes, and their cards
  • Reworked Matchmaking algorithm
  • Resume on Pause, so now you will be given an option to return to games in progress
  • Quests system for extra gold rewards, removed the old temporary daily rewards
  • Updated Store to allow codes to be redeemed and added tokens
  • Card Pack Opener improvements
  • Authoritative servers to protect from cheating
  • Fixed bugs

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Get out the Vote!

Skybound has been helping us get the vote out for Labyrinth, even using The Walking Dead to help us. To help Labyrinth and as thanks to them, please retweet:

And of course, ask a few friends to vote!

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Twitter Performance

To everyone who has been helping get the word out on Labyrinth, thank you very much! This has been an amazing 2 weeks. Please keep retweeting.

If you would like to get involved, now is the time! We are giving away keys every week on Twitter and could use your support in retweeting to get the word out. You may even win a key to give to a friend!

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Here are 2 to retweet right now:


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