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Well we're finally feel that the release date is very close... so hope that there're people who have some interest to our game! If you want to know something about our tools of development you can make it from our article or in our other resources.

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Hello everyone!

We thought that there's a lot of interesting meterials piled up, as well as the release is around the corner... Yes, now we really feel that the game could see the world in 2021 and it'll happen very soon, that's why we're here! :-)

But so that not to give all cards away and keep you interested, we decided to run around the suburbs of Raccon City and show you how the graphics have changed so have the world of WANTED RACCOON!


Those who follow us since the most beginning might see how the nature and everything around has changed. We'll be happy to show our backstage - namely, how we approach the creation of the surrounding world - forests and trees in the game.


We use"Speedtree" for making trees for WANTED RACCOON, and we are looking through the great amount of pictures of the nature to know all the details from it and collect more content for the game. We find a photo of leaves then we make branches, create a general shape of a tree and apply all the textures - hours of hard work. So we got what you can see now in the video below!

Well for now, when the release date is so close, we have very important stage of development - and we hope that you, our auditory, could help us with your comments, ideas and constructive criticism which we can use for improving the game!

To follow the news and not to miss the release of WANTED RACCOON, add the game to your wishlist on Steam Store.steampowered.com

Thank you for your attention! ;)

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