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Before we launch on Steam to offer Early Access (and possibly elsewhere too), we need to work a little more on tweaking existing game systems, adding content, and of course, to test user experiences, different computer specs, and to identify bugs.

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Phase 1 game testers

We seek now a few LEGENDS of EPICA game testers before we go live, publish the first alpha client on Steam.

What you can expect so far:

  • A Windows PC game not yet fully playable, regions with only little content, and possibly gameplay glitches or bugs along the road.
  • This is not a game version meant to play, rather, to explore, test, and to create user input.

Because we are looking for people with a basic background in technical skills, and communication, we have the following play tester requirements:

  • Able to join Discord
  • Able to download and extract a 7GB in size game client.
  • Willing to communicate with staff, able to briefly summarize game experiences and issues, if needed responding to questions.
  • Minimum computer specs are probably around 8GB of ram, an equivalent i5 Intel CPU, and GTX 980 graphic card – or better.

We offer a free game key for play testers upon game launch, your name in the credits, and the chance to work closely with the EPICA staff in the run-up of the initial public alpha test, we plan to publish later this year!

There is no NDA, but please be aware that we only have room for up to 20 play testers. If you are interested join us on Discord and send a message to channel admin ‘Unreal’, with the following information:

  • Full name (will be used in the game credits)
  • EMail, (will be used to send out game keys)
  • Your computer specs, the amount of computer ram, the name of your graphic card model, and CPU.

What’s more?

We seek a senior Unreal Engine Blueprint programmer, preferably with C++ experience.


Discord link is invalid, you guys good on testers?

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