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The first article contains information about our inspiration and our targets for Dungeons of Tal'Doria.

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Today I’m talking about the vision of Tal’Doria. What is this game about? Inspired by which games and why. And I’m answering the last questions we’ve got. Also I will talk about this weekly development diary articles and what our plans are.


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It is called "Development-Diary-Dienstag" or "Development-Diary-Donnerstag". Dienstag is german and means Tuesday; Donnerstag means Thursday. I really like the abbreviation DDD :) DDT isn’t so great.

Every week, either Tuesday or Thursday, I will publish an article about Tal’Doria. we will write about our greater plan and development progress. The articles won’t be too long, because we’re only a two man team and the week unfortunately has only 7 days. So we still need to finish some work to have something to post about.

Inspired by

We’ve played hundreds to thousands of different games.It's hard to tell which one is the real inspiration. Most good game designer will take the best part from several games, combine features, invent new features and so on.

But if someone asks you: "Hey, what is your game about?" it is good to have just a few games that are really close to your game and in best case the asking person know these games.

Jungle dungeon entrance
Jungle dungeon entrance at night

So the answer would be "Cube world meets diablo". We use a voxel-style here and our main focus is on a good sandbox and coop experience. The whole game will make much more fun when you play it with your friends. Together you will be able to do what you like to do: Explore the world. Search materials for crafting. Find dungeons and beat monsters / bosses.

Example skeleton enemies

And many more stuff! We will reveal more information about the possibilities in the next weeks.

So don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on facebook or twitter, to get informed when there is something new!

For us it is important that you feel the progress you make with your character. At the beginning many monsters are strong and should be treated with care. After you got your first equipment and leveled your character you will gain powers and can explore your first dungeons. At the end of the dungeon you will find your first magical weapon and feel like you can kill everything!

Magic weapon
A swoooooooord!

But that's still the begin of your journey. When you will get stronger, you can find more dangerous places that needs that you will get even more stronger. In Dungeons of Tal'Doria you will have everything you would find a modern Action-RPG / Hack'n'Slash game:

- Train your character up to Level 100
- Decide between three base classes and choose their specialication later
- Find and equip legendary weapons and armor
- Play as a tank, damage dealer, supporter or healer
- Train your abilities and powers to make them more powerful
- Defeat evil bosses
- and more!

Talent window
Knight talent tree example

So Dungeons of Tal'Doria is the combination of a sandbox game with a deep character progression. You will earn experience for all parts of the game, not only through killing monsters. When you want to be the one that provides your friends with equipment, you can be that guy! You will get experience for collecting resources and crafting stuff. Over the development time, we will add more sandbox activities like fishing. Everything you do, will reward you in some ways.

Crafted equipment
Crafted weapons and armor

Crafting stuff
Minerals and herbs

That's it for today. If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback feel free to post them in the comments!


Here are our Last Asked Questions for this week. Every DDD article will end with some questions that got asked and should be answered for everyone in more detail.

"Will this game lag like all voxel games do?"

Our plan is to make this game accessible to maaaaany players. That means we will optimize the game that it will work on low spec hardware, too. Currently with no optimizations at all, it already runs at 60fps or more on a medium computer. The real optimizations steps will take place in the end of the development, but until that we will listen to the community and have some basic stuff to make it not laggy at all. Things like view distance helps a lot :)

Example of an unoptimized part of a jungle biome (prototyping stage)

"Can I revisit a dungeon if I wasn't able to finish it the first time?"

Of course! Even everything is randomized, after it got generated it is persistent forever. Also there are some plans for cool features that will make it worth to revisit a dungeon you already have visited.

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