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Post news RSS [v1.0.6] The Hint System is (finally) available and it works by opening overpowered Fortune Cookies

And by making calls to very suspicious people! Also, 4:3 screen ratios are now supported and many visual bugfixes.

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Okay, this took longer than I wished, but I needed a couple of days of just painting backgrounds to recover from the burnout that was releasing the 2020 DEMO.

After seeing some people struggling to get through the second part of the demo, I thought it would be a good idea to take back the old demo's hint system and adapt it into the new one.

So how does the system work?

I don’t like boring hint systems that outright tell what the solution is, so this one has little tweak:

If you choose to enable the HINTS in the menu, you’ll find a very special item in your inventory: An overpowered Fortune Cookie (1st half of the demo)… or a Hint Phone (2nd Half).


Hint Cookie

Every time you use it, a clue in the form of a vague cryptic prediction will appear inside.

Hint Phone

Every time you use it, you'll make a call to your mysterious partner. He'll tell you about his whereabouts and what he's up to while he waits for you… which are of course subtle hints about what you should do to solve a puzzle.

(So yeah… you’ll have to use you brain in order to advance anyway!)

If you have many fronts open, it’s possible that the same hint will be repeated once or twice. If that happens, just keep insisting until you see a different one.

But please try to play without hints unless you get too stuck, okay…? That’s kind of the fun.

Also thanks for playing!


PS - Oh, and here are a couple of the new backgrounds… in case someone cares about this kind of stuff:

(Click to expand)

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